06.06.2019   |   by Kazradal

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Author: Kizahn
Gotta work on this one mate 😂😂
Author: Shalmaran
I can understand observing the Sunday trading laws, but as a day visitor desperate to spend my money in Harry's superstore, i had to stare through the window, looking at lovely things i could not buy.
Author: Taule
Lovely video.  I was there last week.Hazel.
Author: Guktilar
Great video. I’m so in love with Shetland. I have visited three times and there will be more!
Author: Shaktijas
Mate!!your accent is soooo thick,you make it sound SHITLAND!
Author: Voodoonos
Such a nice town, thank you very much for sharing it with those of us who enjoy exploring these places still not overrun by the madness of modern life.
Author: Shakasa
This video is excellent!! So well made, well informed too! I’m from shetland and I’m constantly cringing at bad videos with historical inaccuracies but there’s not a flaw in this. Thank you very much sir for this.
Author: Nerr
Lerwick looks so cute. I must visit this place before I leave earth.
Author: Togrel
excellent video.
Author: Menris
Great video! I love Shetland! Thanks for sharing!
Author: Vorg
What a shame everything is closed on a Sunday.

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