Riding the Loudest SuperBike Kawasaki NINJA Zx10R!

07.06.2019   |   by Samukinos

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Comments "Riding the Loudest SuperBike Kawasaki NINJA Zx10R!":

Author: Akijinn
Bro alteast wear gloves when you ride such a bike. 😃😃
Author: Kazim
"Where are my friends?" xD
Author: Tuktilar
Wonderful sound using headphones, z10r
Author: Mazuzilkree
you dont know to ride a bike
Author: Meztijas
You don't know how to ride a bike
Author: Samukinos
I appreciate your effort but you need to do good homework on the bike before making review on any certain bike..And more importantly you should know how to handle the bike as you were killing the clutch during the ride...If you are not enough experience to handle such bike...Kindly make review on stand still position so that you can't disrespect the ride...I appreciate your passion and excitement ...Still a good effort...Don't take my comments negatively take it positively as am looking forward for videos from you...Now am your new subscriber too ...So cheers...
Author: Zulkikree
Bhai video quality improve karo
Author: Duramar
"Great Power comes with the Great Responsibility"
Author: Tojas
A total noob rider. 😂
Author: Vibei
u r riding a 200bhp beast with a track pant and a t shirt, didn't open the side mirrors too, give respect to the ride n ur vlog bro and remember the line
Author: Zuluzahn
Bike chalana sikh ko phele
Author: Kezahn
How can Activa 3g & Gixxer keep up with this beast!? 😂
Author: Kakus
Dream bike!!
Author: Shar
Kya Baat Hai Sirjee.... Lucky you ... to ride such a lovely machine
Author: Vilrajas
10 rupey ki pepsi apna bhai sexy
Author: Goltikasa
Extreme power bike
Author: Mikalar
Kale bhasa
Author: Mikahn
Bro what's your height?BTW nice video as always
Author: Nell
Tere buss ki nhi h chamar
Author: Zulujas
Bike chalana nahi ata hai
Author: Toshakar
The bike that you are riding is my friends..
Author: Kagajar
Truck bike chala rha h😂😂😂😂😂

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