Jensen Interceptor V10 at The NEC Classic Motor Show

27.05.2019   |   by Kirisar

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Comments "Jensen Interceptor V10 at The NEC Classic Motor Show":

Author: Zolomi
Such an awesome car. Great work!
Author: Mir
Just read an article today; I think it was on Top Gear BBC; that said the project was a failure. I think Top Gear needs to be corrected. You did a bang up job on the car and (hint, hint) should be marketed as a kit car.sans engine.
Author: Duzil
I LOVE IT! Excellent workmanship and updating to today's style. 5*****
Author: Zolojin
Lovely lovely lovely!!!!!...good job!!...
Author: Zudal
Great to see it finished,been looking forward to seeing this icon.Looks simply fantastic.Well done

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