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30.05.2019   |   by Fenridal

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Author: Sataur
use to be a top car but for some rezan as soon as Australia started many factoring it it don't turn my head
Author: Faekree
What about the V-6 option!
Author: Yoll
Very good review mate!
Author: Grocage
Great vid ,,I had a smile on my face the whole time watching it ..I'm a Ford nut , own a lovely FG XR6 and a dear old AU ll Futura ..but this wants me to one day have a Mustang ..Thanks for a great clip ..
Author: Felmaran
amg and rs models make a much better sound than the gt. They just cost 3-4 x more
Author: Shaktigal
the sound through the cabin is actually artificial..
Author: Samular
Blind spots?? Drive in the new Camaro.... you won't be able to see out of it!
Author: Faegami
That’s cute he can read the brochure.
Author: Tauzil
Oh- and I am 5’5” and I have no blind spots from my 2017!!
Author: Zulkijinn
Blind spots? got to drive one a few days ago and i found it had the view out as my 2014 Mazda 6.. Never really noticed blind spots you should have the blind spot monitoring on the one you had.
Author: Mekus
The ducks guts mate.
Author: Fausho
Just got a new 2017 gt myself a little over 2 weeks ago, I love it but live in New England so winter should be interesting 😆..def will need to get some snow tires next winter. You do know that little strap on the side of your seat is so you can put the seatbelt in right? It's magnetic or just snaps in, I forget, but then you'll just need to reach over your shoulder pretty much to grab it and buckle up haha. I actually prefer not to use it for my seatbelt personally, but I have fairly long legs so I don't really need to stretch any further to grab it lol.
Author: Voodoomi
Nice fake accent “mate” lol
Author: Kazinos
“Even if it is American”?? How many USA movies have you seen? How many USA bands do you listen to? This and the seat belt comment render this young gent null an void in the car review stakes
Author: Arashigar
Excellent review video! How about a WRX STi next?
Author: Vudoshakar
I got to say amazing video record, I must say best review i have ever watched. well done guys.
Author: Kajizahn
Run the seat belt through the strap on the upper seat back (the one your elbow was rubbing on as you reached for the belt). That places it within reach.
Author: JoJogore
The seatbelt has a hook on your seat to help with the grab.
Author: Meztikora
Awesome review!! You know for a little over 400 US dollars you can get an axle back Flowmaster Outlaw exhaust. I guarantee you'll wake up the neighbors every morning just as I do with my 2015 Stang GT.... I absolutely love this car.

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