Paige relinquishes the NXT Womens Championship: WWE NXT, April 24, 2014

25.06.2019   |   by Negal

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Comments "Paige relinquishes the NXT Womens Championship: WWE NXT, April 24, 2014":

Author: Femi
Paige is thinking.. well Daniel Bryan has two titles why not me :(
Author: Voodookus
JBL must be regretting right now !
Author: Meztilrajas
I hope jbl washed his hands afterwards
Author: Migul
Poor JBL, had no idea what he was touching..
Author: Akigami
i don't think JBL wants to touch the nxt womens championship
Author: Goltimi
Please WWE, next time, make your backstage scenes believable. The general manager asking for the champ to relinquish her title in a random hallway? Really?
Author: Zugrel
It's pretty sad the the NXT title not only looks better but is actually called a Women's Championship. I imagine she'd probably rather give up the diva's title.
Author: Nigal
Paige as the the first undisputed Divas champion wasn't going to last for long...
Author: Bacage
Author: Akigore
JBL got no idea what's gotten on that belt lmao
Author: Dourr
"You're gonna take this away from me?! Do you have any idea what I've done with this belt?! Do you have any idea how many guys have busted a nut on my face with this belt?!"
Author: Dijin
With the divas title retired, Paige is the only woman who hold the divas title and nxt title at the same time.
Author: Yozshugami
Don't touch that thing, JBL!!! Don't touch it!!!!
Author: Vogore
If JBL wants the championship from Paige so badly he should fight her for it.
Author: Darisar
That belt was pregnant
Author: Faetilar
JBL was terrified of Paige. Then again who wouldn't be
Author: Arabei
"Maggle, why is this Championship all sticky?"
Author: Doshicage
Go clean your hands, Jonh.
Author: Kagalar
Noooo, JBL don't touch that title. Lmao.
Author: Neshura
This is allot better than making her lose to someone on NXT, cause what would a fresh debuted WWE Diva (Champ) look like if she lost her title in the rookie division.

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