The NEW Covenant - Jeremiah 31:31 vs. Hebrews 8 - 487e64

17.07.2019   |   by Dasho

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Author: Bragar
We know that Moses was in direct contact with God and the Revelations Chapters told us that 1/3 fell from heaven.
Author: Kigalrajas
Poor William! The rabbi keeps putting you on the spot with questions like you're the Christian 😂😂😂
Author: Dijas
I have learnt to apply the ‘context is King’ rule to Scripture. And if missionaries would actually read the context of Jeremiah 31:33 they would shut their mouths, fall on their knees and repent from their idolatry. Says verse 33: ‘... I will put MY LAW in their mainds...’ What Law is He talking about?? Does G-d have any other Law than Torah?? So, why would the charlatan Paul of Tarsus even quote a verse that totally destroys his idiocy of deposing Torah, if at the time and till today the only Law of G-d is TORAH???
Author: Douramar
False gods are fallen angels who wanted to be worshipped as gods.
Author: Tauramar
This is why they came up the the Ger movement to keep any of the lost Isra'elites from full repentance which enacts the promise of Jeremiah 31 which happened for Yehoshua 2000 years ago before he was betrayed and seen to die on a cross or something.
Author: Kazrara
Now instantly I prove what you say
Author: Vigis
Good episode!
Author: Brajas
At this point William...I am very extremely convinced that certain Christians will not understand ever...until HaShem forces them to. They likely feel the same way about the Jewish/Noahide people. The original Tanakh does not comport with the Christian Testament. While it seems very final that it would only change their understanding if HaShem forces them....these discussions are still quite necessary, most especially for those with open ears and eyes. I had a discussion with a Rabbi quite some time ago about his own frustration with Christians. I have felt this frustration as well. However, when they are causing frustration it reveals that they themselves are agitated, possibly because of decent points. May HaShem bless you both!
Author: Yobar
Is there anywhere in the Tanakh that talks about a priest sitting at Gods right hand?? So far I haven’t read anything in Tanakh .
Author: Meztijas
Before hearing this Rabbi’s good dissertation it never occurred to me how absurd it is that Ha Shem would take the Jew’s covenant away and give it to some other group, ie. the Church. That would be so petty and mean spirited as to be unworthy of any G-d. While many Christians will try to disown this doctrine calling it “replacement theology” it is the emphatic teaching of the New Testament as so well pointed out in this discussion. Therefore any Christian who wants renounce this horrid “replacement” theology must also renounce the New Testament.
Author: Zulkiktilar
That example with the red light is very good. When you are convinced something is right you'll do it, regardless
Author: Vushura
The actual greek for eyewitness in luke 1:2-  does mean eye witness. "I hoped it wasn't!! "
Author: Tegis
God allowed his death to be seen and allowed them to take Yehoshua's identity and combine it with Gods and to make the sacrilegious object idol that actually carried the Torah and the whole truth ahead to now when God made the internet so we can instantly search through the scriptures to seek all truth.
Author: Mosida
Santa is a myth to a degree because unscramble the word Santa you see Satan himself wanting to be worshipped as god on Christ birthday.
Author: Narr
If you had to choose between Christ and Santa which would you be.We know that Christ is the son of God and was born on the 25 of December filled with a Holy Spirit.
Author: Mushakar
For the Laws of Moses tells us that Love thy God with all thy strength and do not worship false gods or idols in the old testament.
Author: Tolrajas
Genisis 38 Judah is revealed and his betrayal os shown. They are not Isra'elite unless they join us and God!
Author: Dougis
Till now the leaders and priests of the world could hide everything and even of we took a life time of study we would never find the truth especially as they wrote a million other books to keep real brains sidetracked.
Author: Muzragore
Of course still stubborn people refuse to listen.
Author: Moogucage
Gabriel asked the devil for aide into stealing 7 of my stars from my head and lm pissed off.
Author: Mamuro
I'm not a Christian or jews or anything religious,but I do try to study the "Scriptures"
Author: Zulkikora
See that Judah married a Canaanite woman against his fathers will had 3 canaanite boys of whom two were cursed and died and one left as Canaanite because of his mother and then there is the mamzer Judah had with Tamar. Pick who you descend from Judah? Now we can see that Judaism is the religion that the CANAANITES stole from Isra'el so long ago. They officially took it when they came back with EZRA as recorded in Nehemiah. This is why they push the oral laws above written Torah so we would never see this.
Author: Vugal
Go back in time to Jacobs son Judah and his rebellion against Isra'el his father.
Author: Grozshura
For in Christ is love of the gift of giving of truth.
Author: Telmaran
Isn’t Hebrews 8&9 here referring to the Preistly role? What if you read it in that context, minus the miss quote? Where is the tribe of Levi? Malkizadek was not of Levi yet he is considered a Priest? Context is important
Author: Zulubei
I will show you something from God that hopefully will humble you all so you can learn again what is true from God to walk in only his Torah
Author: Makus
The most important thing for "all the children of Israel-all the tribes that is, not only Judah-Jewish" to know who their G-d is. It is quite difficult for people to worship G-d whom they did not know of. Rabbi Federow. Better know your G-d just like Moses did who knew his G-d well. Very soon you will know the truth!
Author: Tozshura
I think rather then OT standing for Old Testament, it should stand for Only Testament. Credit given to Rabbi Skobac.
Author: Shakashicage
Can't wait till the Messiah get back

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