Homemade WELDING TABLE (rotary table)

03.06.2019   |   by Tezuru

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Comments "Homemade WELDING TABLE (rotary table)":

Author: Nezil
Author: Sar
I watch this again today! and I want to give you another like again.
Author: Arashijind
great job!!
Author: Malarn
Best table I've seen yet! keeping this video for my next build with a few mod's
Author: Mok
Nice design and function. Enjoyed watching the build.
Author: Meztijind
As a welder I truly appreciate your work. It is amazing. I saw the anvil you made and had to subscribe. You have great talent and i was wondering what your process is for building what you make from idea to completion. Also where did you acquire your skills.
Author: Tudal
Author: Maular
No offence but that's not your style music. Great video
Author: Mizahn
Отличная работа. Подставка под горелку зачёт.
Author: JoJojin
Great weld table. I'm sure the rotary part will get more use than ever expected.
Author: Shaktijin
Прекрасная работа,отличный верстак.Мастер что надо,привет из России.👍
Author: Maugore
Muy bueno el video y la verdad lo felicito por que esta muy bueno el banco de trabajo que se hiso
Author: Mukazahn
Also I like your band saw can you send me what brand it's and where I can get it, how much cost tank you and good work!
Author: Zulkibei
Супер !!! Лайк
Author: Tum
Hi great Table!!! 👍👍Definitely I'm taking some ideas for my own.
Author: Vum
I gave you a like 4 months ago!
Author: Kisho
I really liked your design. But I have another question regarding your bandsaw... who is the manufacturer of the saw? I've been looking for one like that.
Author: Kasar
Epoxy some magnets on a power strip and keep it on the clamp side of the table for just in case you need to do anything outside so you can have multiple outlets at your table instead of using a bunch of extension cords...
Author: Yojora
Legal muito bom😨😱😲😎😎👍👍👏👏👌👌
Author: Zulkikora
GREAT job! Love the mini saw.
Author: Tojashicage
that's some crazy cool shit!!! :)
Author: Meztik
Dude I think you would really like SilverChair’s music.
Author: Junos
Got disapointed at the sloppy paintjob, besides that its a hell of a table!
Author: Dotaur
Парень, ты крутой!)))
Author: Vilabar
Awesome table. I'd like one of those for my everlast welders for sure.

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