Opinions On Hagakure Book Of The Samurai

29.05.2019   |   by Yozshukree

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Author: Tagrel
This is not a guide to finding success, winning battles, making friends, making smart decisions, being healthy, becoming wealthy, finding a wife, advancing in the world, surviving, or finding Jesus. This book will not help you accomplish your goals or be an independent thinker. This is not a book about how to live well and be your own man. It's about how to die well. For this book to make any sense at all, you must first entertain the premise that this world is not important and that dying well is the most meaningful thing that you, as a man born into a samurai clan in a country full of warring clans, can do. If read in that light,  everything in the book makes sense, including all the people dying for irrational reasons. They are not trying to achieve anything. Of course, this book is not going to be useful to most of us today, but it seems like it's a reasonable worldview if you expect to die tomorrow.
Author: Moogulkree
Hey now there is lots of beautiful language in the book, the copy he has is the one I just finished reading, even the title of the name translates to "Hidden by the leaves" and some stories could stand alone to be made into a movie, seriously. The concept is, as hard as it is, is to be as objective as possible and for ancient literature it definitely takes a wide berth. Consider Feudal Japan and it's long and violent history, realistically imagine any country in its foundry times and you will look at it with disgust through modern eyes, especially if you are reading into the ideology of the warrior classes and in particular Bushido, literally on the first page it says that the way of the samurai lies in death . The time after all of this carnage was a great leap in philosophy and in the martial arts for japan; and in WW2 the concepts of ultra nationalism and Imperialism, Japans old mistress, brought about these ideas in particular to circulate once again to the Japanese branches of military. The fierceness, bravado, and fanaticism of Japans age old "Way of the Samurai", proved indispensable in the defense of their country, in terms of willingness to die, and unfortunately for china, their willingness to be cruel and inhumane. Japan has an elegant, mystical, charming, beautiful, radical, horrifying, and brutal history and thank god for the privilege of having a country with a complete existent history in the world today. Next if you read "The Lives of The 12 Caesars", by Suetonius, or any of the Saga's of the Norse Men like Nasal's Saga, hell even read "The Aeneid" by Virgil, which Mythologist Edith Hamilton says half of it is an elegant poem and the other half is just a description of men killing each other, you will see what I mean.
Author: Sagul
People who hate my review are 1. Ninja larping idiots or 2. Wannabe gangsters who watched Ghost Dog 1 too many times and think it is a real life documentary. Both are morons.
Author: Akinogar
Author: Tojazahn
The Hagakure is a book for humans with honor. It is touchable glory. Do not speak of something you can not understand,
Author: Zuluzuru
To the reviewer of this book, you have terrible interpretations of it. You take some discussions very literally, like rushing headlong into a battle thoughtlessly. It is arrogant to define it as something barbaric and only accountable for being bold and running to certain death. If you were pressed with a situation which calls for immediacy, how many doubts would run through your mind? The regular person would be in full hesitation and try to account for survival. Well here is a thing about dogma, morals, principles, etc is that it shows the difference between a commoner who has no value of responsibility or example to set forward in comparison to a Samurai who awaits that moment, prepares mentally everyday to be ready for that event. You resort to Sun Tzu as an excuse of hiding who you would really be in that moment, and not the martial artist you proclaim to be. No Mut-American should ever talk progress in morals because it hasn't existed in your heritage since the day Europeans stepped on land which wasn't theirs. American society is trying to promote men to be women, women to be men, discouraging family, unification, and anything which denies a person to feel like a human. I would rather see beheading every day of my life if it means upholding something worth calling honor in comparison to what we have today. Youd rather get fucked in the ass by a woman and have gay children. And he even has the audacity to mention the bible..... The bible tells us the same importance of women. The bible may not have a Katana, but certainly there are stones. If you have had intercourse with a girl, did you go offer her father tribute and claim her as your wife? This guy is fucking stupid on all levels.
Author: Aratilar
he has no real knowledge of the Hagakure.
Author: Faugami
I did not really like it

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