More reasons why abortion should be illegal

27.05.2019   |   by Tezuru

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Author: Dourn
Scientists have proven that a fetus is not a life it may be human but not alive, If this was the case our birthdays would be determined by the day we were conceived. It is technically a part of the mother's body so so legally she can do whatever she wants with it. Also, i don't even understand why abortion laws are an argument in the U.S. there are some circumstances in which the baby can be causing harm to the mother or of course a fetus conceived by rape, just think if that was your wife...
Author: Misar
I think the choice of Abortion should be up to the Mother not Society...Mothers Body, Mothers Choice.
Author: Sajas
@MasamuneAzure The chicken eggs we eat are not fertilized my ignorant friend.
Author: Zunos
be a voice for the unborn who have no
Author: Mirn
Why can't they adopt the other of thosands of children in the system... Just sayin'
Author: Dajar
abortion should be legal and easy
Author: Maulrajas
so u have a vagina?
Author: Vudogis
Keep speaking the truth about abortion,
Author: Kagrel
God Bless you.
Author: Arashizahn
"We simply do not have the space or enough resources to preserve and nurture 42 million more children every year." If this is your argument than it should be okay to kill children already born into foster homes because their lives will be bad.
Author: Fezilkree
@Dchaosshadow Having the child of your Rapist would be pretty much torture to the Mother. And I still stick with it's the Mother's Body,Mother's Choice not the Father, not anyone unless she so wishes to allow their thoughts help her make her decision.
Author: Shaktizil
You don't get to choose because your not the woman carrying it.
Author: Zolor
And plus, how is it so different then Males jerking off and killing Billions of Sperm (Potential Life, same as killing a Fetus)
Author: Goltilkree
Its still a life and it deserves to live..think about it..u could have been aborted but you are alive today rite? And what if it was your baby about to be aborted.. Would u just let it go on or would u try to save it:?.. Think about that
Author: Zulkiramar
voice to defend themselves.

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