Youth Mauled To Death By White Tiger at Delhi Zoo - India TV

30.05.2019   |   by Teramar

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Comments "Youth Mauled To Death By White Tiger at Delhi Zoo - India TV":

Author: Mezicage
Just 2 Minute News but India TV made it 12:22 Minute by Repeating, WTF !
Author: Mum
Author: Gardall
Finally it was also zoo's mistake that they should have put taller fences so that atleast children can't cross it and the zoo keepers also had opportunity and time to help the guy. What I WANTED TO SAY THAT LETS FOLLOW THE RULES ITS ZOO OR TRAFFIC. We cannot blame only zoo
Author: Zolozuru
Maybe he was praying to some cow to help him
Author: Tukus
Bloody sadists!!!
Author: Kigall
he did not went into the cage,he fell by sliping inside it while watching.
Author: Shaktigore
What india..yaar..oobejra maar raha tha aur sab koi uski phot la raha tha....bhaut khoon
Author: Fenrinos
Why can't we have temporary stairs (made of ropes) like the ones used for air lifting in the zoo for such situations. As per the video their was a time of 10 minutes during which the boy could have taken the temporary stairs and could have come up.
Author: Gosho
Author: Mamuro
Firstly it was maqsood's mistake who jumped or crossed the railing (It common sense we've learned from childhood and he was not a kid).
Author: Kerisar
the time they took recording they could have saved his life.
Author: Zulkinris
its human's did its job.!
Author: Vimuro
Heart breaking for parents
Author: Kakus
the boy is though wrong but the zoo keepers are even at fault... they could have saved him... so careless people around.. 
Author: Doramar
This is a lesson for everyone that we have follow rules
Author: Zugis
He forgot that cows are considered food to the tiger
Author: Kikasa
Because tiger cub have an extra thick layer of skin covering them and their neck, so mothers could bite and hold their neck safely to walk around, but humans doesn't have any, so the man tragically died
Author: Febar
they are lying
Author: Minris
This is very shameful ......अगर वह खड़े लोग साहस दिखाते तो हो सकता था की उस लड़के की जान बच जाती थी  लेकिन लोगों ने केवल विडियो निकला न्यूज़ वालों को शेयर करने के  लिए?? How disgusting.... 
Author: Doubei
medical report shows that the tiger was actually trying to save the man after being thrown stones at. On the man's neck there were only bite marks. if the tiger wants to eat him, it would have tore his neck apart the moment he fall into the cage. Besides, no injuries were found on the man's body.
Author: Malakazahn
Urban Darwinism - Pure and simple. The stupid just aren't meant to live !!
Author: Zolokus
So i guess youtube must ban these kind of tragedies
Author: Kahn
The tiger was obviously provoked. If you provoke an animal, they will attack almost immediately. This boy was obviously old enough to know that if you mess with a white tiger, they'll tear you to pieces. So it was his own fault.
Author: Ker
The next time if anyone get's caught with a tiger put your hand fully into its mouth and the tiger would leave you alone...
Author: Nirr
Secondly looking at the tiger intention it did not have any intention for such a long time to kill him. However public started screaming and throwing stones on tiger which provoked the tiger which is the reason tiger attacked for its self defense.
Author: Daijas
Why the people never help is so bad....just taking photo....helpless people
Author: Akinoktilar
Just a child
Author: Arashijind
He thinks buddha is gonna help him
Author: Samukasa
kill the tiger

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