U.S. President Ronald Reagans war on drugs and organized crime, 1982

19.06.2019   |   by Samurr

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Author: Shaktizahn
Drugs aren't just from Mexico. We know it's brought in by over-prescription... and now the studies are coming in showing that Pot is causing brain degeneration in plenty of drug infested areas.
Author: Daishura
The Bosses on The Commission couldn't fathom at that time that these words were like Impeding Doom..
Author: Nizshura
War on drugs Reagan brought them in for his contra war, pure devils, hes burning in hell right now! Scareface got nothing on Reagan or his masters!
Author: Tygok
Wow. He is teaching America that every criminal is a part of this Nationwide ring called the syndicate. And that drug users and shit are involved in that kind of criminal activity to move up in the ranks and earn their stripes in the lawless world... LOL. This man single handedly caused more harm than most presidents combined
Author: Vogar
Ronald Reagan is a criminal just like anyone else that commits crime and if he would've been a real leader he would've stepped up and did a better job as a president and made sure that there was more jobs for American people instead of locking people up but if you look back on every last president we've had has followed in Ronald Reagan's foot steps and he only cared about being Rich instead of helping the real people out people are blind to what is really going on around them and society needs to wake the f up and Donald Trump acts like he is better than everyone else when he isn't I bet if he was locked up with the common criminal he'd have been fucked up a long time ago and I'm sitting back waiting to hear that someone done something to him because of his mouth If J.F.K Was killed by the government than why hasn't Donald Trump followed in J.F.K. or even Martin Luther Kings Footsteps
Author: Daramar
Is there a place I can get this speech in written form? I would like to quote parts of it without having to go through the speech again writing down what Reagan says.
Author: Zulunris
Ronald Reagan! I think he's why I couldn't get financial aid for school. A great American!
Author: Samujar
Could they have known how very many lives would be affected?
Author: Vojin
US crime rates have dropped dramatically since the war on drugs was declared in 1986. Life expectancy and GDP have also increased. The drug war has been a huge success. We need to wage a greater war on drugs and destroy all the cartels in Mexico, and wage a psychological war on the demand side.
Author: Mikalabar
Reagan brought forth America's Police State by playing on the good ole "crime" scapegoat. The war on the poor.
Author: JoJokree
They do not address the source of the drugs. He is acting as if Mexico is the ho chi minh trail? Everyone except our politicians know where it is coming from. During prohibition it is known how the Air Force (when branches of military had to quorate their missions) unloaded booze. During Vietnam the whole of America had access to the rope seed. Government got caught selling drugs in this country with Iran-Contra under Reagan. They said they were trying not to charge the American tax payer with the problems in Central America. Four men were brought to task over this......we never heard how they managed to organize this feat....though it had nothing to do with courage. Now we have heroin issues (MAJOR)......the military is coming back telling of how our Government is involved with heroin (no hero in heroin) being sold in America. All the ways they spy on Americans and they do not know how the drugs can be stopped being sold here? BOLOGNA!!! Followers of the Destroyer, the Deceiver, the Liar. May God help us all. Beware of the great evil that is round about. You know who you are. Jesus said do not riot....rest.......Here come the Judge, Here come the Judge
Author: Jugami
Do not use or support recreational drugs because it has a tangible connection to the drug war. Recreational drugs bought from a criminal organization involved in the drug puts money in suppliers pockets which supports by association, financially supporting organized criminals fueling their wars which cause deaths to the innocent. Decrease the demand for recreational drugs that are addictive through rehabilitation for addicts, enhanced anti - recreational drug usage education and converting people who got sent to jail to law abiding citizens.

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