Trade Tensions Escalate as China Fines Ford Venture

07.06.2019   |   by Tojam

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Comments "Trade Tensions Escalate as China Fines Ford Venture":

Author: Dojind
What is going on here, why is he reading off a teleprompter on this issue?
Author: Tubei
Why he talked about investment in China only? Which Japanese or European company would dare to invest in the US at this moment? I don't think we still can find an American who has a brain that can think.
Author: Shakalabar
Ford sells more cars in China than in the United States.
Author: Zulkishura
Despicable Americans Need Punishment
Author: Grorisar
Good, China is now learning how to apply domestic rule of law to foreign companies to extract money from them. China learnt this from USA. Well done. And you know China, They are excellent students and as accused by USA to be great copy cats, I am sure they will excel their teacher, USA in this regard.
Author: Bahn
The biggest tool in Chinese arsenal is it's market now the biggest retail market in the world. US corporate affiliates in China makes more than $360 billions annually which largely offset the the trade deficit. While a sudden exit there would be bad for the Chinese economy, a gradual displacement of US corp interests would only have negative effects on the US. Thus China will squeeze American companies there slowly until they are replaced either by domestic or other foreign brands. After all, the market is still there and growing.
Author: Samukasa
Ford sales in china have rock bottomed out anyways for the last few years, their products are out of date. While cars from old foe japan is selling Honda Toyota like hot pancakes. If ford do not rely on Washington politics to save them, what will?
Author: Nerr
clearly, there's a lag in between, not 5G for sure
Author: Nishakar
This is good for US economy since it will reduce trade deficit. And will make America great again. Welldone Trump......
Author: Mihn

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