🇩🇿 Thousands march in Algeria against presidents bid for fifth term l Al Jazeera English

18.06.2019   |   by Arami

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Comments "🇩🇿 Thousands march in Algeria against presidents bid for fifth term l Al Jazeera English":

Author: Moogule
The tyranny must fall in Africa
Author: Namuro
The Arab Spring proved that the people of Arabia want governments that only last for two terms and no longer.
Author: Jukree
Yes the current system cannot last longer, but for what instead ? I'm from Algeria and I frankly don't know if the Algerian society has agreed about a political system.
Author: Bragami
bouteblika ... its OVER ....
Author: JoJogor
Better late then never 🤷🏻‍♂️
Author: Nerg
Stay Home
Author: Kijinn
We are conducting peaceful demonstrations, without violence ❤🇩🇿🙏We have entered the Guinness Book of the number of people in the demonstration 17.5 millions
Author: Gulrajas
Very interesting. The last big Arabic country should have a Civil War. Why?
Author: Akilrajas
I dont know much about Algeria or its government but if the leader has had a stroke and unwell then surely somebody competent needs to lead the country. It should be the people's choice. Think 2 terms for a leader are enough.. unless the majority are happy for that leader to carry on perhaps.
Author: Goltilar
Tahya jazayer
Author: Malaramar
good job, instead of immigrating to France you guys should fix your own country and you should start by cleaning up your political "elites".
Author: Brasar
Regimes such as that of Bouteflika last decades in reality because the people of the Arab-Muslim world cannot agree among themselves on a regime, so these are just default systems.
Author: Kagagrel
We must not forget that Bedoui, the new prime minister, rigged the legislative elections and he threatened and jailed the young facebookeurs because they made a "like" on an opposition page
Author: Zulkiktilar
The Arab world, more then any other Muslim region or nation, need to change, because they are the most devided....and greed plays a Hugh part, because of natural resources they possess...take there wealth, and they'll be the most faithful devotee of there creator.
Author: Gora
African leaders have one thing in common.
Author: Doushicage
Kenyans have theirs on 8th of march...lets help fight corruption and poor leadership in Africa...like our brothers in Algeria
Author: Salar
Down down Boutaflika down down the mummified Boutaflika and his criminal foolish government.
Author: Sagrel
Why hide comments ? And why say thousands when it was millions
Author: Tygot
ما الفرق بين مصر من الفراعنة؟
Author: Vilabar
So Proud of Algerians. May Allah bless you and help you.
Author: Samukora
والجزائر من القرن الواحد والعشرين
Author: Nerr
hey putin look what you have to look forward too in your fifth term, Goof luck being a dictator
Author: Dobei
We are peaceful and we will keep it peaceful till the unethical government leaves us.
Author: Maull
Ya3dihm izh
Author: Vulabar
We don’t need aljazeera and we will not need it for ever no matter what f I will see them in Algeria I will buy their equipment without hesitation
Author: Fezil
Hands of CIA😂😂😂, wait for a new arab spring and new pattern pf destruction of Middle East
Author: Nikolrajas
But if the Algerian people massively agree on an alternative regime, on what it will look like, the current one will not last a minute longer.
Author: Dirn
He is too old. Isn't it good for him to stay home and take rest rather than run for President??? Is Algeria a One Party System? Dont they have opposition candidate?
Author: Faut
Look at Syria, even despite the rejection of the regime by the majority of the people, they couldn't agree between themselves for a common regime so the regime stays as the default choice.
Author: Akigal
Citizens decide their future
Author: Zum
We are doing it peacefully!!
Author: Mazutaxe
The whole system must have been swept away headed by Bouteflika.
Author: Shakanos
لا شيء ... كلاهما يصوتان لأمهات

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