The port should not have that wire on there: Arizona town criticises new border fence

29.05.2019   |   by Juzil

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Comments "The port should not have that wire on there: Arizona town criticises new border fence":

Author: Mikajinn
Legal migration has NEVER been an issue and still isn't.
Author: Fegis
these local people that are complaining should be also saying let them across so they can come live with me or on my property
Author: Faugrel
? So how do they like the thousands crossing now (March/April 2019)
Author: Arashijinn
It looks like something from a
Author: Nakazahn
Well maybe they shouldn't be climbing over the wall?
Author: Zulkinos
We should do whatever it takes to keep ILLEGAL ALIENS from entering the US. America is a nation of laws, NOT some Wild Wild West! All those strong young men (many of them criminals) should get together and rise up against their CRIMINAL governments. That's who owes them rights & opportunities. Oh!... Why do that, when they can just break into the US & make demands? Get out of here! America has an obligation to take care of Americans first.
Author: Yogor
See... Razor wire works!
Author: Kajigami
You live on a border....if it was open you might not exist!
Author: Grok
Guardian always skews the truth.....people in my state want the wall.....
Author: Kagarisar
That wire is dangerous, just the other day it jumped off the wall and killed a whole group of people that were driving by in a car. It then robbed a convenience store, bought liquor for a minor, then returned to the wall in open defiance of the police.
Author: Vocage
It’s a good idea but the illegal Mexicans always find a way in
Author: Teshakar
these clowns dont speak for us, they should go to mexico since they love them so much.
Author: Tygoll
Who are YOU to determine where tax payer dollars are to be spent?
Author: Grok
Trumps Wall - a grandiose symbol of hostility, arrogance, cruelty and white male entitlement. You can say a lot about him and his fitting and absurdist mobius combover, but what's the ugliest part about him ? I think it's his mind.
Author: Vojas
Wow..! Guardian tabloid found two morons who don't know what they are talking about. The US Border Patrol believes otherwise. The wire will be replaced when the new type barrier is installed. It won't be needed then...
Author: Vura
It could be worse, such as 50 caliber machine guns with motion sensors that fire automatically on any movement within 50 yards of the fence, otherwise, Arturo & Guillermo, go back to Mexico & stay there...
Author: Nikosar
Author: Kanos
Establishment politicians have the intelligence of taking the bird to a hand gliding lesson
Author: Vole
Heaven has high walls and a strict immigration policy. Hell has open borders.
Author: Maugami
If you aren't trying to cross illegally, the wire cannot harm you.
Author: Akilrajas
There are no ports in your city.
Author: Grosar
Nobody cares you whiny cowards. The UNITED STATES BORDER isn't a city/state issue. It's a FEDERAL ISSUE. I'm sure all these c*nts live in gated communities. Sickening.
Author: Dall
Shouldn’t be sneaking across that wire.... it’s safe as long as these invaders don’t cross through there
Author: Mazahn
The reason you don't have a problem in that area is because of the wall stupid.
Author: Negul
Long run.
Author: Tegor
You have no argument that is legitimate!
Author: Moogunris
I think they did it wrong. They ought to offer free green cards at the top instead of wire.
Author: Vudolmaran
American people love the Constantino wire! hahaha the rides over!
Author: Migal
they can send enought police for 25 billion dollars to clear the contry so they cant produce drugs and pay the poor familys some so they dont commit crime :)
Author: Vudonos
Only lethal if you cross illegally...
Author: Voodoogor
the wall just got bigger, btw add more wire you missed a spot...
Author: Fer
Government 101.....Secure the borders!
Author: Gazilkree
Looking for a smart intelligent answer. In prison the wire is inside to keep the prisoner from escaping or climbing the fences. In war zones the wire borders towards were the threat would come from. So why is this wire facing America and not Mexico??
Author: Kalkree
Its cheaper than 5.7 billion dollars
Author: Gujinn
Is it really going to be worthwhile in the
Author: Akikus
Think of it as a artistic piece of work. If one is not attempting to enter the US illegally, there should be no problem with this.
Author: Groktilar
Ronald Reagan is spinning in his grave.
Author: Doumuro
It might not look very pretty but Mexican migrants and criminals have to be stopped by whatever necessary. If it gets the job done its worth it.
Author: Samusho
Leave the wire!!!!
Author: Munris
Trump is putting another two trillion US dollars on government debt and nothing to show for
Author: Kejar
That wire could be easily cut. That nor steel slats, which can also be cut, aren't the answers.
Author: Akik
A stray cat is totally gonna get caught in that, plastic bags and garbage blowing in the wind are too. - Im not cleaning that up.
Author: Tule
What port?? There's NO port in Nogales 😂
Author: Moogumuro
Sci Fi movie.
Author: Voodoolmaran
only ones that are in danger of this is those that would love to get by or over the fence without getting cut up from the wire.....excellent idea
Author: Gardazahn
Lately here in central tx, I notice alot of illegal immigrants. Not the usuals from Mexico but places like Ecuador. Its getting out of hand. Only reason why some ppl tolerate or dont mind is because they're cheap labor, and will work against labor laws.
Author: Douramar
America is taking a turn away from the free market with this.
Author: Voodootaxe
You are free to live on the other side!
Author: Goltijar
wow looks like the dmz in korea
Author: Arashilkree
Wire looks good to me.
Author: Mikarn
For now the wire is a good idea to slow those who want to climb over!
Author: Zolojar
Put up more wire.
Author: Grolrajas
So...people who are doing "Legal" activity are okay with "barbed wire"
Author: Kazijind
but NOT "concertina wire?" HUH?
Author: Dara
Why this becoming an issue? If you aren’t trying to jump on it there shouldn’t be any issues, it’s not like that thing hurting anyone by itself. Should electrified that thing also so the libetards will get even trigger. This method been proven to work in Israel, what makes theirs even better are the fences are electrified.
Author: Vorg
And thats totally what anyone would like to see. Dead cats, and garbage in front of your house, that you can't clean up cause you don't want to go near razor wire.
Author: Mozuru
Sorry illegal lovers, you don't get a say on how the federal borders are protected so try to get your vote somewhere else.
Author: Vijinn
What an hideous and ugly solution. What a view from your house. It’s uninventive and not developed for 2019.

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