SIKH Teen Brutally Assaulted due to his TURBAN in a Hate fueled Bus Attack

06.06.2019   |   by Taugore

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Comments "SIKH Teen Brutally Assaulted due to his TURBAN in a Hate fueled Bus Attack":

Author: Nazahn
Sikh culture says to learn Gatka for self defence thats why true sikhs carry their holy daggers for helping others and protecting themselves too
Author: Taugar
I think the west people are more racist and more tribal and more barbaric people than people from the East. 😒😒😒😒
Author: Groktilar
If those people really have guts who try this then ever dare to do in Punjab .am sure the result would even be worse then the death of farkunda
Author: Mirr
How scummy do you have to be to beat up a kid
Author: Kazijar
Pull out the kirpan instead of being a fuddu mutt juice innit
Author: Mikalkis
કોઈને ખબર નથી કે હર્જીતે તેને શરૂ કર્યું છે
Author: Samuktilar
It is good for Sikhs to experience attacks because of their outward appearance. Seen too many of them speaking out against other faiths, and marching with Nazi groups. I am glad this happened so that they learn they will never be truly accepted by the white populace despite how much arse they lick.
Author: Mezil
Well its his own fault
Author: Shat
Author: Mikataxe
More white racist ppl full of hatred attacking another person of colour and the rest all just stood or sat there and watched.
Author: Yomi
God is great
Author: Duzshura
Author: Yorn
pagal log te jisne isko maara
Author: Mezishakar
Is this world going to get any better?
Author: Kirisar
He is a Hindu and he is not a Muslim
Author: Zoloshura
what was the useless bus driver doing. If someone had done that to the driver of the bus he or she would have called the police right away.

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