Rebuilding Gary, Indiana with Peter Ellis

28.05.2019   |   by Dairg

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Author: Bragrel
I'm with you you will see
Author: Balabar
That is what the swamp lands were to do is catch the stormwater but the powers that be refuse to protect them and the Calumet rivers. He is lying about the city's real estate has no value because if that be then we would not be paying thousands in propety taxes.
Author: Arashilar
Or acts like they don't have it to give I'm not in for pushing poor out after it's new
Author: Mar
Sounds all well and good, but what are you going to do to get rid of the gangs, drug dealers and thugs? You think they are just going to leave and say bye bye?
Author: Kazralkree
They're getting ready to gentrify Gary ....
Author: Zolozuru
I've been part of discussions with black folks who want to do something similar but no one wants to invest in black folks who want to rebuild a black city. Look at the room. All I see are white folks.
Author: Yozshuzil
if they can get it rolling it would Chang things there
Author: Kilkis
While you're at it, Peter, how about a revitalization for Gary's neighboring city, Indiana Harbor (East Chicago) as well? It was a wonderful city at one time.
Author: Munris
I'm telling you when I used to live there I would here trains everyday (along with police sirens)
Author: Faeran
its a dumping ground for blacks..its never coming back get over it
Author: Tygoll
Crossroads/Paloma Creek, TX is a complete 180 degree turn from GI. Here you will see men working construction every day while in Gary building just sit
Author: Shabar
Nobody will ever come to live in this god forsaken city...I don’t give a crap there is nothing around that shit’s nonsense that you continue to sing this song.. just like your beloved MJ Rest In Peace & stay there.
Author: Gokree
USSteel is here to stay
Author: Golabar
He's lying, every street does not flood when it rains
Author: Bajin
Listen to the whole story
Author: Dagul
Come to Detroit next ok Mr?
Author: Vosida
This sounds great
Author: Zololar
Pay attention to the color of those who are "allowed" to rebuild Gary.
Author: Daiktilar
Flush this toilet already!!!!!!
Author: Mazujin
Gary just needs to be carpet bombed completely.
Author: Junris
This is gentrification. An extension of Chicago's Gold Coast Area (Gold Coast East).
Author: Tojakree
Hey peter! I love the idea and been seeing change is there any way I can get involved I have an over view of the city!

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