REAL HEROES - Humanity at its Best - (10 Minutes Edition)

02.07.2019   |   by Mikasar

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Comments "REAL HEROES - Humanity at its Best - (10 Minutes Edition)":

Author: Dushura
"Again my apologies for some really low quality clips."
Author: Nikorr
that cat is a badass
Author: Aragis
Man these videos always make me cry.
Author: Dabar
i hate one thing , when people need help and most of people take pic
Author: Tojazil
That cat is extraordinary! WOW!
Author: JoJosida
"Humanity at it's best" Cat saves boy from a dog"
Author: Akishakar
For some reason when I watch This video I feel like I'm next to God
Author: Dikasa
where there is bad, there is always good that will win.
Author: Zulum
These kinds of videos should be shown in schools.My heart always fills up with pride seeing the goodness in people. Sadly there are too many who are not taught to share & help others here in America. Please keep sharing these videos!
Author: Akigal
Author: Shaktijin
just came from a video with a title saying The end of times, and people doing rituals and satanic shit but......I knew that that's just one bad view.
Author: Dizshura
The video of the cat saving that child is legit!
Author: Terg
In this world, Its not about men and women, Its not about black and white, Its not about rich and poor, its about good people and bad people.
Author: Nakree
For all the good we do, why are we so mean to one another?
Author: Tujora
Their is no HD in moments when you rescue a living being.
Author: Nikojora
Wow😢😢that gorilla looking after that little boy keeping him safe ..... stroking his bak WOW 💕💕👍👍
Author: Kajikazahn
not all heroes wear capes
Author: Nagar
This is amazing. That cat near the beginning though.. O-O yet people said cats were afraid of dogs
Author: Dut
In every clip I saw, humanity was of the highest quality. No apologies necessary.
Author: Kajigor
98 people missclicked the like button
Author: Kazrat
Dammit mom, quit cutting onions in my room!
Author: Tauktilar
humanity is not all like that...there is good in people and that's all that we need.
Author: Tojanris
0:30 I've seen the cat saving the little boy before, cats can be so gangster!!! God that clip is awesome!!!!🐱
Author: Mauzil
Unbelievable! Wow! That cat saving the kid from the dog! Amazing!
Author: Kagam
The one with the gorilla I read about it in a book it protected the child from the other gorillas so they wouldn't hurt him and the on,y reason the gorilla did that was because it was a mother that knew someone was in agony

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