Rafale Deal: Congress Briefs Media After New French Report Reveals Tax Relief For Anil Ambani

02.06.2019   |   by Gardarr

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Comments "Rafale Deal: Congress Briefs Media After New French Report Reveals Tax Relief For Anil Ambani":

Author: Meztishura
Yeh bahut bada Chor nikla...
Author: Sagor
Chaliye puducheri ko vanakam
Author: Zunos
Modi bought 36 Jets for the Cost of 126 Jets. And there is No Transfer of Technology....💩
Author: Shaktira
Elite runs the government , not the politicians or people......
Author: Goltirg
French Govt Has Declared Everything Against BJP...
Author: Sami
During Congress at least the currupt got caught.
Author: Akizuru
Rafale Mei saare proofs Hain .. is baar inko jail jaana chahiye
Author: Tull
Modi and asaraam baapu should be placed in same cell
Author: Grokasa
BJP is a fraud and chor party
Author: Taushura
Those who are wondering the money wave is approximately about 1000 crore rupees
Author: Tojarisar
Modi made corruption legal.
Author: Jugor
ITraidz, saying chowkidar chsawala , pakodawala to get vots of common man aamjanta
Author: Gardagar
Askng vot in name of 🐮 cow,
Author: Fejas
Chaliye puducherry ko vunukkum
Author: Kegul
✋Jai ✋ho ✋Fire 🔥brand ✋Randeep ✋Team ✋INC ✋✋👍✌️💪..!
Author: Magar
Ambani ka chowkidar------hai.
Author: Faujas
Modi hai to mumkin hai !!!!
Author: Goltimuro
Chowkidar to Tihar Soon....😎✌
Author: Kigahn
neem ka pata kadwa modi ..............phr apko pata hi ha
Author: Zulull
We have seen PM's of Pakistan going to jail, Modi will be first Indian PM to go to Jail.
Author: Yojas
2G scam Mei .. no one was found guilty .
Author: Malakus
Author: Tahn
Chowkidaar chor hain
Author: Tojagul
Abe Chowkidaaar Chor hai be ? thats it Bye bye BJP
Author: Kazibei
Kon besharsram abi be modi ko vote dalle ga
Author: Daitilar
CBI must be a Blind Parrot....😂✌
Author: Tygomi
Askng vot in name of soldiers, bcos they say indianarmy modiarmy,
Author: Daisho
Kuch toh gadbad hai...

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