Paul George Gruesome Injury Broken Leg NBA

10.06.2019   |   by Dukazahn

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Comments "Paul George Gruesome Injury Broken Leg NBA":

Author: Kazragis
Pacers season is officially o v e r !
Author: Feshura
OMFG... after almost 3years ive only decided to watch this video now... one of the worst injuries ive ever seen
Author: Dacage
You can even see the bone touch the floor
Author: Akinogor
Wish him the best of recovery..
Author: Turamar
did the bone come out of the skin?
Author: Vogal
somebody wasnt drinking their milk.. were they
Author: Faura
Watching this after the Hayward injury :(
Author: Malarg
Got milk?
Author: Doran
god bless you PG you can do anything you did in your past <:D
Author: Dujar
It wasn't the NBA it's called The Olympics.
Author: Brazuru
Absolutely horrible background music for this serious injury
Author: Mikahn
Damn, I nearly fell out of my chair after I saw George's leg snap. I know he's already lost for the entire 2015 season & the Pacers won't be in the title hunt but I hope he has a successful comeback when the time comes.
Author: Kazijind
He took it like a man tho I would have been screaming
Author: Vudogar
Broke every bone in that leg, ouch!!!
Author: Douhn
this remind me of Anderson Silva. I felt sorry for the ending their career like this.
Author: Tale
Yea he is done. That's why it is important for them to hold out and get all the money possible. Bless him!!!!
Author: Malaran
♦LEG BREAKS♦ Paul George v. Joe Thiesmann - Whose is Worse ? (Doctors?)
Author: Yogul
on 0:11 u see his bone
Author: Arashura
Espn shows Kevin ware but won't show this wtf
Author: Kasida
if Paul George can fully recover and play again from this injury ill be happy to see him again.
Author: Kigazuru
The music was still just having a good time while paul george was injured
Author: Voodooshicage
OUCH→ but - Joe Theismans was worse... !!

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