Neuroscientist Carl Hart: We Need to Stop Jeff Sessions from Escalating the Racist War on Drugs

02.06.2019   |   by Tausho

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Author: Telmaran
Gotta build more prisons cuz the ones we have are bursting at the seems!
Author: Daisida
It's Not racism.'s about the continuation of the prison industrial complex.'s Money and modern day slave labor !
Author: Voodoozilkree
Wars are intended to be won.
Author: Bara
Tell me what he lied about in his speech?
Author: Dizuru
Drug Addiction and Mental Illness are Public Health Issues not Criminal Justice Issue.
Author: Fautaur
Dr. Hart nails it. I had the same thought before he even said it.
Author: Zulkisar
How do we -- the public -- get rid of Jeff Sessions????
Author: Dum
Remove the profit, remove the violence. I am not an economist.
Author: Vocage
Even hospitals and emergency rooms have stiff regulations on giving narcotic pain medications. Someone who is suffering a heart attack or has cancer has to take an Advil which mostly does not work. This happened to me several times. I now have cancer and the oncologist will not give me any effective pain medicine. The hospital bill of rights clearly says a patient has the right to have their pain managed effectively. This is a very sick state of affairs when someone in severe pain is offered an aspirin, or possiblyToradol, which is a strong anti inflammatory drug that when taken more than a few times will cause severe liver damage. The emergency room doctors have given me a month's supply and the pharmacy asked why I was given a dangerous drug, so I did not want further problems and did not take as prescribed, which was three times a day. This paranoia is making sick people sicker in my opinion, and Sessions should be fired and booted out on his rear end. Let him end up in jail with his Alabama racist policies.
Author: Taujind
When is the old racist gonna die? He is robbing us all of Oxygen
Author: Muzragore
Carl Hart is awesome he needs to be on television more often. i remember when he killed Bill O'Reillys punk ass years ago. oh btw I did less time for safe cracking on my 6th felony conviction than several black drug offenders i know in their first offense. So i know first hand this war on drugs is racist. sessions should be thrown out of this county for treason
Author: Garr
Nearly 31 years ago, Sessions was up for nomination to a federal judgeship. He was rejected amid charges of racism.
Author: Moogule
Just think how full our prisons would be if they had a real crime bill and arrested the Wall Street Criminals.
Author: Mauramar
There should be mandatory minimum harsh penalties for corporate crime, they destroy more lives than any other crime but that would be putting trump and his friends in jail🤔
Author: Vudosho
do the crime. do the time.
Author: Voodoobar
they really do rfid scan people
Author: Mikasa
Sesspool has INVESTMENTS in private prisons & they need more people in jail! follow the money.
Author: Bakasa
the right and moral thing is for 40% of rep is there actions need long prison sentence
Author: Nikozragore
War to satisfy the aims of a few, about the needs of many. Wake up America!
Author: Kajisar
HART FOR PRESIDENT, DE CRIMINALS ALL.. WORKED FOR SEVERAL COUNTRIES.. with pot becoming popular, they need another drug to keep money coming in for DEA..
Author: Dasar
marijuana is legal in "many" states.... Geez thanks for the in-depth reporting on that.
Author: Moshakar
Author: Arajin
Author: Dobei
being creative with trying to kill a certain race or make more money off them...that's the bottom line.
Author: Kek
Remember the "private prisons"?
Author: Moogur
Russian agent and Neo-Confederate Beauregard Sessions should have a statue build in his image, outside a fed prison. Beauregard and his fellow bedsheets profit for locking up people for petty crimes, and re-institution of chattel slavery.
Author: Nisho
Sessions comes str8 out of
Author: Nikozragore
Can we all agree that our government is the number one pusher of drugs? They want to make it legal so they can better handle ALL of us. A few packs of smokes cost more than a bag. Come on!
Author: Dutilar
The dumbest of the dumb. could not progress his thoughts relating to earth it's people and culture. Hope his DNA becomes extinct.
Author: Mim
Jeff Sessions needs to go the way if all dinosaurs!
Author: Kigazil
I live in Australia and look at Americans as my brother or sisters ....... But this guy is the opposite of what should be representing you all as the message he sends to the world and to who had voted him into politics is embarrassing.......... Maybe he should investigate the worlds biggest supplier .... The CIA ... Do Americans think its ironic that when you invaded the worlds largest poppy plantations in Afghanistan that America's heroin epidemic had begun....
Author: Groramar
sessions . most likely . owns private prisons that use slave labor for profit
Author: Kazraramar
Funny that elf claims facts when he has none from modern science.
Author: Faukazahn
Don't break the law. Please make me understand.
Author: Yoshakar
All of the points that jeff mentions would no longer apply if drugs werent illegal in the first place
Author: Mikus
It costs an average of $72,000+ a year to incarcerate people. It would be cheaper and safer to pay people $24,000 and let them get high! Americans are Stupid, and their evil hearts are full of hate and revenge! Punishment is Modern American "Culture" !!!
Author: Gagami
USA spirals into a new dark age... Its frightening for the whole world to watch this in realtime happen!
Author: Meztizshura
Sessions profits from private prisons! all in that subject!
Author: JoJozahn
Can Jeff Sessions please tell us how he thinks these measures are going to reduce drug use/abuse or deal effectively with the rampant opiod problem in America??!!
Author: Gatilar
Good... He can start with the pharmaceutical companies... Throw the book at 'em!
Author: Tejas
You get your name on a list and monitored. Keep it illegal but lower sentences so we don't end up losing our constitutional rights and working for less than dollars a day in a private owned prison or worse. Because you smoke pot, you can't own a gun to protect yourself?
Author: Fenriktilar
the drug war made money for all the wrong people.
Author: Kazrajind
anyone who would come out in support of drug abuse must be a drug addict himself and I have no desire to listen to the ramblings of a drug addict ..
Author: Vudokasa
Did he just say "We're going to enforce the law with judgement and fairness"
Author: Kagajinn
When I got in prison, most the black dudes were serving minimum mandatories. Which confused the hell out of me. So I'd ask them "why'd you pick that" and they'd be like "what you mean?" and I'd be like "why you'd pick a minimum mandatory?" then they'd be like "that's all they offered". The more and more I heard this ... the more white people I met (which takes a while in prison) the more I realized prosecutors would give just 1 option to blacks which was minmax and 2 options to whites which were minmax vs flat.
Author: Faerg
Jeff Sessions is racism in evil human-elf hybrid form.
Author: Nahn
its clear Carl Hart is a DRUG PROMOTER...
Author: Taujar
Drug laws are why crime and drugs happen together ! Drugs are a medical problem ! What do you think you're getting paid for.look at the Portugal 🇵🇹. All legal. They treat addiction as health problems whose stupid now ‼️⁉️☮️
Author: Durn
Fire Jeff now.. they go hand and hand because it’s illegal >.... in China you can buy cigarettes and alcohol at ANYage..
Author: Voodoorr
Let's see if you can by stocks on prison system? Hehehe
Author: Kigazil
That snake makes me violently nauseous.
Author: Nekinos
How can our blessed - run for profit  Private Prisons get the slaves they need - if we cant agree to jail  ALL the potheads !
Author: Mazunris
if you would like to see more ethical corporate practices and more transparent regulation of both private industry, and public policy makers, REVISE LIMITED LIABILITY. make these institutions directly accountable to their actions exactly the way the flesh and bone individuals of the world have always been, and you'll begin to see change for the better.
Author: Basho
this is all for the private prison, which Jeff sessions is owner of it
Author: Kisar
This is exactly the kind of thing that people foresaw, which caused decent and/or reasonable people to argue against that confederate monster's confirmation.
Author: Vokus
Oh, that is right! None of these measures will do a god-damned thing to reduce or minimize either one of these problems. And once again, it will increase the numbers of minority members who are sentenced to prison/jail time.
Author: Groramar
😤👨 smoke on the waters 🔥💣🔥💣 fires in the skys !!!
Author: JoJokora
why are female lefty's all hags?
Author: Shakalabar
Are we to expect that Sessions will send in the National Guard to enforce the federal marijuana laws in states where it's legal?
Author: Goltikazahn
This is how empires decline. USA has reached its apogee
Author: Kit
if you can make choices that can destroy lives, and harm our ecology with impunity, answerable to no one save 'putting a couple million in the donation/fine basket' (which is akin to paying fealty to the crown whom you happen to be related to), then we will continue to collectively experience practices antithetical to freedom, equality, and liberty or any such amalgamated analog thereof.
Author: Tojalrajas
Are you advocating assassinating Jeff Sessions? That would definitely solve the problem but assassination is probably wrong and should be kept in the hands of the American government. It has a lot of experience killing those that are unwanted like Jeff Sessions. If the American government thinks he needs to die they'll take care of him.
Author: Melrajas
This war seams to be against the disenfranchised / poor.
Author: Samukasa
I would bet money that Jeff Sessions and others in the Trump administration are major shareholders and/or stand to benefit greatly from privatized prisons.
Author: Gardagrel
Jeff is Ivan tthe terrible and carryou Donald will.
Author: Dosar
Why are these politicians—who are completely out-of-touch with U.S. Citizens, and perhaps reality—deciding what we think, and do about drugs? Especially, when they are allowed to partake in their drugs of choice: Greed, Power, Control, Murder, Sex, etc. In a True Democracy, shouldn't this be decided by a vote? Not that voting matters these days, but digression. 300+ million people in the U.S., and this 100-year-old man is deciding what's best for us all—does that seem right to you? If the government didn't have all those collaborating military and police personal on their side (and their weaponry), things would look quite different for The People, me thinks. If only there was a true defensive weapon, that could nullify all other weapons. Or, if only this god-being existed, and wasn't apathetic to its creations.
Author: Shakalkis
keep fighting keep resisting keep protesting these conservative freaks must not win
Author: Mazurisar
KKKlan country .....
Author: Daik
Portugal made a daring experiment in drug enforcement, making even heroin legal. The astounding effect is the number of heroin users dropped in half.
Author: Vigami
Drugs don't kill people. Choices and people kill people.
Author: Kazizilkree
Yea that's rite it's 100% only motivated by racism. You figured it out.
Author: Kaziktilar
Too bad Sessions wasn't electable in the 80's, he'd be long gone by now.
Author: Molrajas
We must do everything in our power to get Sessions the hell out of the Attorney General's office - and the sooner the better. This white collar criminal is a disgrace to the office of the Attorney General and to Americans in general! He never should have been allowed to take the office of AG in the first place - given that he lied - either by omission or commission - during his hearing before the Senate.
Author: Turg
Author: Musar
legalize drugs. Session is way too old fashioned and doesn't understand how negative drug wars are.
Author: Tygogis
Author: Kazralmaran
Jeff sessions in my opinion is a complete idiot if you really want to recoup your money from a bad deal from drugs and make it legal limit alcohol. I guarantee you the crime will go down.
Author: Faubar
And anything other than weed, the dealer needs to be shot publickly!!!
Author: Voodoojinn
So sad that Carl Hart can't help but play only the race card in his first statement.
Author: Faukree
Jeff Sessions profits from private prisons.
Author: Guzshura
The GOP are investors in for profit prisons. This is to increase prison profits. This is outrageous. Vote out The Legion of Doom in 2018.
Author: Duzil
what comes after pres. number 45? president number 1... civil war by 2018 mark my words
Author: Kagaktilar
Private prison payoff
Author: Zulkit
Gotta keep those for profit prisons full.
Author: Fenrilabar
Private Prisons win again!
Author: Kaganris
This is about Sessions and his investments with Prisons for profit money. Sessions lied under oath to Congress and still was able by Republicans to keep our top Law Enforcement position. Republicans have no decent values or morals.
Author: Gagrel
this is actually what us millennials need. we need this to come to a head... and it seems it will with the Trump administration.
Author: Kekree
End the war on drugs! It's criminal! Drugs use is not a crime! So messed up.
Author: Tulkree
Anthony papa's assertion that drug policies are racist since more blacks and latinos are in jail on drug charges is preposterous. That is like saying the NBA's policies are racist since there are more black players in the NBA.
Author: Akikree
all sessions wants is to give privately owned jail BUSINESS
Author: Nikokus
This is how empires decline. USA has reached its apogee
Author: Kajir
we are so far from sanity, we can't even see sanity with the Webb Space Telescope anymore
Author: Bramuro
We tag em you bag em.
Author: Grojind
He's got dark beady eyes! Dark, evil eyes devoid of humanity!!!
Author: Voodoolkis
if you want to get rid of drug crime decreminalise it.. Worked like a charm with alcohol...
Author: Gazshura
if people of color believe this why put our selves in those situations.
Author: Zolorr
Sessions wants to fill those private prisons. Remember, he is only working for hid donors.
Author: Kigarg
How about mandatory minimums for white-collar crimes and corruption related offences... say maybe 15 years for enriching yourself through abusing the power of your role in government or market manipulation...
Author: Grogor
The Neanderthals have seized power. The faster we evict them the better.
Author: Vudobar
Jeff Sessions, all of those things that are "Immoral" to say someone should do to themselves... right here buddy "Flips Middle Finger"
Author: Groshicage
I like this ultra-white guy Sessions. What happened to these normal white guys? Let's bring them back! 👍
Author: Zolora
LOL Jesus Chirst I cannot believe how mentally ill people that listen to this garbage are.
Author: Nikobei
When did the time slip happen? I must have missed it, because I live in 2017 not 1950.
Author: Garr
If we (THE PEOPLE) have the power to elect them, shouldn't we (THE PEOPLE) have the power to REMOVE THEM?
Author: Shaktijas
He Has Overstepped
Author: Meztiktilar
Jeff Sessions seems slightly simple. I mean he's from AL, but he's far more simple than most.
Author: Momuro
KKK leader just declared war on colored human beings!
Author: Shaktizragore
Plus, felons lose the right to vote. Why do you think the cops and prosecutors go after black and brown people with so much venom and convict them so much more often than whites who commit the same offenses?
Author: Makinos
I have heard that Jeff Sessions is a stockholder in one or more of the for-profit prisons! In other words, Jeff Sessions will personally benefit from the outrageous measures he hopes to take!
Author: Gardalabar
On the other hand, according to the "Global 2000 Report To The President," our government wants to kill off one hundred million US citizens. Therefore, getting people hooked on drugs is a way to kill people off.
Author: Migul
Tell it like it is, thank you Dr. Hart /   Great discussion about sad, stupid days in our country.  Peace
Author: Yozshujas
How about obstruction of justice
Author: Zolosida
So he supports the opioid deaths of this nations youth ? ?
Author: Fetaur
There's a natural mystic blows into the air (Bob Marley)
Author: Samumuro
he wants to keep the prisons full it sounds like which will cost tax payers more money which goes against what Trump had campaign on.
Author: Tum
After giving that speech I can guarantee Sessions thought "The Confederacy will rise AGAIN!!!"
Author: Durg
Jeff Sessions just said right and moral.
Author: Jujora
68 dislikes?..Really
Author: Aracage
OMG. Sessions used the word "moral" in a sentence.
Author: Nemi
this man needs to put his cards on the table. if he is invested in private prisons, and you know he is, he should be fired!
Author: Morn
A never ending revolving door. It's perpetuated by capitalism to keep the prison system nice and fat. It makes for a good source of revenue.
Author: Juramar
The reason we need Single Payer/Universal Healthcare.
Author: Tygocage
Nothing to see here , I'll be moving on
Author: Jugor
Truly sad. It looks like the value of human life is deteriorating. We must stand together and fight back with those who are willing to elevate The morels in our nation.
Author: Vikinos
I hope the maximum sentence is handed down when he is tried and foumd guilty for colluding with the Russians ......
Author: Vokree
And the answer is sure can.
Author: Zujora
The way you people use the word "racism" is more or less how the right uses the word "Marxist".
Author: Yozshushicage
I guess the CIA is going to have to do some hard time.
Author: Gogore
Well the war on drugs has so far worked SO WELL!....Hey wait a minute
Author: Gagul
UNREAL!!! the people with drug problem need help not prison. Prison is just a dark business.
Author: Jull
How else are they going to keep private prisons filled and the secret slave industry called prison labor profitable for investors...
Author: Mikazuru
I love Carl Hart. I don't particularly agree with some of the comparisons he's made between prescription amphetamine and meth/crystal meth, but aside from that his data in his books and talks is amongst the most honest and important in academia.
Author: Mirn
This is a very confusing issue. William H. Kennedy, 1st cousin of President Kennedy, talks about this problem in one of his interviews on YouTube.
Author: Tagis
Our government, so I've heard, earns a lot of money from the importation and sale of hard drugs. And many, like Michael Jackson, are harmed in such a way as to cause them to need drugs to relieve pain.
Author: Samuramar
this is just another form of voter suppression, put Sessions back in his matchbox,tape it up and bury it...
Author: Voodoonris
Jeff Sessions should resign.
Author: Jugal
It's almost as though someone wants the federation to be abandoned.
Author: Kigagor
Look at those whom invest in privatized prison.
Author: Zugrel
Jeff Session dead man don't pay up so -Sessions is an fool
Author: Mezigami
Thanks #CommunismNow .... I love how Obama went on TV and told people from other countries. To vote in our election. How illegally charming.
Author: Dikora
I served 2 yrs myself for drugs. For people who don't understand how minimum mandatory works it's designed to trick poor people who don't have good lawyers. I was presented with 7 yrs "flat" or 5 yrs serving a minimum of 3. My parents told me to take the 5 with 3. I wanted the 5 with 3 so I'd KNOW when I was getting out. But I had a smart lawyer who explained over the course of a year "you get less time by taking more time". And nobody in my family believed him. I didn't believe him. But I chose 7 yrs instead of 5 and was out in 22 months.
Author: Zoloran
Where's the $$$ going to come from????
Author: Mezigar
Jeff sessions needs to join the rest of the dinosaurs
Author: Aralabar
the US could learn a lot about drug policy and why its a big failure [morally and practically] ... from progressive nations like Ecuador, Chile and Portugal.
Author: Kazitaxe
Eric Holder's opinion on crime seems unnecessary. He couldn't even prosecute bankers for fraud. Failure.
Author: Grorg
To me, Jeff Sessions' war on drugs makes perfect sense. Why would you try to destroy your health by taking expensive, illegal drugs, when you can poison yourself for free with all kinds of exotic and hazardous pesticides that Trump's EPA refuses to ban?
Author: Tugor
Did drug use and crime go down?
Author: Arashizahn
I don't believe the war on drugs will ever end.
Author: Mezigal
Anthony Papa look like David Cross. lol
Author: Nelmaran
And in my opinion this is/was a very good/great interview both of them in just about 13:36 minutes of food for thought and just let the real truth be told the truth on 5/15/2017.
Author: Shakakus
This is going to sound a little crazy but I am running for POTUS in 2020 as a progressive. one of my 1st acts in office will be to hire an attorney general who wants to end the war on drugs and I will pardon every single non-violent drug offender in the federal system along with Edward Snowden and Leonard Peltier!
Author: Nera
It should be against the law to profit off of people being in jail
Author: Shakahn
Oh, boy, THIS should be a popular move! 😁😁
Author: Magor
Jeff sessions needs to be fired he has no business doing anything after lying to the committee! Trump risk Russia to get eyes off sessions !!!!
Author: Samudal
This was 15 yrs ago and very obvious back then. I'm sure flat sentences are offered more to black people now but in the end the prosecutor decides and if you're dealing with a racist prosecutor.... and you're black... that's a horrible situation to be in.
Author: Jular
dem conga locks
Author: Kajile
Rich people make money off of stocks on the jail system
Author: Ker
since when does Jeff Sessions have even a nodding acquaintance with morals.
Author: Barr
Not entirely about law enforcement, it's a GOP fast-track to suppress votes before the next election. Duh.
Author: Daibar
not only did we pay 20 cops to follow this guy around, we took $500 out of our economy at the same time, and destroyed a guy's life, stopping him from working and paying taxes, AND we had to pay $50k per year to lock him up. We got math.
Author: Groktilar
Carl Hart ftw
Author: Dabar
I can't decide if Jeffy is Mr. Peanut or Mr. Kimble in Green Acres.
Author: Mikarr
According to Mr. Peanut  "only bad people smoke marijuana"  I wonder what naughty people smoke?
Author: Arajora
Author: Sharn
Democrats are to whimpy to change the law. Thanks Obama
Author: Jum
We first became a drug needing nation was during our wars, WWI, WWII, Vietnam and other wars. Our soldiers needed wars to cope and deny the value systems they were taught. Our tobacco additions were expanded during WWII when the "smoking lamp is lit, smoke them if you have them."
Author: Vijin
You could collect drug debt via lawsuits IF drugs were legal. Sessions... get a job!
Author: Arashilar
I visited the Netherlands where drug laws are pretty lax. I did not see homeless people or druggies anywhere.
Author: Tauk
You Americans are already crazy. Or rather, those that you elected to office. The 'land of opportunity' in all directions. Sad!
Author: Nizilkree
The DO realize their "mistake." It is no mistake. It is called racial purging. Do you really think any of these guys do anything like this by mistake? really?
Author: JoJom
These comments are too much.
Author: Kedal
The guns you put here as well as the drugs Sessions. 💩
Author: Mautaxe
Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III can't wait to unleash law enforcement's most blood-thirsty dogs, and blow the whistle for all he's worth.
Author: Kagagul
'Drugs and crime go hand in hand,' because they are illegal! Take a look at how Portugal handles the drug "problem."
Author: Balabar
Lil Gremlin Lookin SOB .....
Author: Kazragore
Good luck with trying to get that idea through thick heads.... You can't even get them to understand that everyone could easily get universal healthcare while reducing costs for everybody AND improving quality of care, as soon as you talk about that they flip like fishes out of water.
Author: Mezijas
Sessions is so arrogant to trust his seat of the pants intuition, rather than hard facts from what happens when you try various policies. There is something crazy about people, not just Sessions, when it comes to drugs. They completely trust what they think SHOULD happen and completely ignore experience of what DOES happen. It is as crazy and intractable as religious conviction.
Author: Maugul
Carl Hart real talk
Author: Mikalabar
watch the movie Traffic, with Michael Douglas.
Author: Nejind
someone should have thrown a shoe at that fool!
Author: Samugar
Jeff sessions = patheticism
Author: Temuro
And we already know he's a racist, Dr. Hart. Look at Sessions voting record. There's a reason the house silenced Dr. King's daughter when she came to testify against him. The evidence is damning. I typically don't hate anyone, but I actually hate Jeff Sessions.
Author: Nalmaran
Yea drugs and violence go hand in hand cause of the drug war, not cause of drugs fuckface. Jeff sessions really does need to be stopped with his archaic ideology.
Author: Nir
The money spent on Incareration could be spent on Healthcare.
Author: Nihn
What about criminals who lie about their contacts with Russians?
Author: Sanris
9:10 , why should we not legalize drugs?
Author: Darg
can't believe this guy! one step forward.. two steps back for the U.S.
Author: Shaktilkis
I hope that Trump and Sessions get the maximum sentence when they are proved to have committed perjury in their election and testimony to congress.
Author: Arashikazahn
Maybe the drug policies are racist, however it is also possible that more blacks and latinos do drugs.
Author: Goltihn
Worst drug ever created: alcohol. Wanna return to Prohibition, Mr. Sessions?
Author: Dokazahn
This is one of the few things the left gets right
Author: Juzilkree
Sessions: a racist relic from the Jim Crow south who's one sneeze away from dementia and adult diapers, here now to replace the "Wallstreet Bull" with a "Slave Ship"
Author: Voramar
Jeff Sessions ears make him look like a devil...
Author: Mukinos
Ha ha! I am an independent voter . Your biggest mistake is thinking all anti Trump people are liberals or democrats. Not enough of you . Most independent and democrats stayed home . Mainly due to the 2 poor choices . I don't think in the next election they will do that again . All we have to do is continue to watch Trump destroy himself by tweeting and being his buffoonery self . He will never represent me as my president ...
Author: Grohn
RAND PAUL! wow i'm shocked n hopeful. he's lending credibility to fight against 'prison industrial system' we know hard drugs n alcohol issues is a psychological medical pathology issue not a crime. almost efuf states to change constitution to federal legalized weed. peyote is legal, next medical mushrooms n ayahuasca to END BIG PHARMA ''industrial drug system'' n reform medical system into holistic health care.

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