Kennedy on Californias rising homeless population

09.06.2019   |   by Sagrel

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Comments "Kennedy on Californias rising homeless population":

Author: Temi
love how she blames "the rich" and "the billionaire realastate tycoons" without pointing out there all DEMERATS
Author: Faelkree
Welcome to the world of how Dems ruin everything they control. The Dems will do the same to our entire country, given the chance.
Author: Vubar
The left's main political platform has always been about addressing income inequality yet all you see in every democrat run major city are homeless peasants and the super rich
Author: JoJocage
California vote for this democratic so don’t be complaining
Author: Bak
Progressivism drives out the middle. It’s an anti-human cult.
Author: Dugal
Democratic Elites and Hollywood!
Author: Vir
LA Supervisors are the Highest Paid ($178,000+perks) in the nation. They deserve it for the Fantastic Job they are doing. (Sarcasm).
Author: Shaktitaxe
California has been flooded with illegals for the last 40 years and the federal government has done nothing...except amnesty.
Author: Voodoocage
DEMOCRAT'S NAZI'S benefits from it.
Author: Arabei
Those people had homes.. Now illegal immigrants have them.
Author: Musida
Author: Zulkijar
Just keep it there. You made it so enjoy it. Thank these people you elect.
Author: Malamuro
This is why California has Pelosi
Author: Gutaxe
California is a Democrat state. What you see is what you get!!!!!
Author: Dairn
Hey I live in Seattle and it’s the same way here, you guys have to really talk about it more because I don’t like seeing a bunch of crackheads all the time it’s just a very unsafe neighborhood now I am thinking about moving out of state
Author: Gulkree
Help the homeless ,unstead of illegal immigrants.
Author: Meztigis
I like that false statement from Gavin Newsom where he says that California will provide shelter for all those who need it. Really Mr Newsom, then why are there almost 100,000 homeless in Los Angeles and almost 40,000 homeless in Silicon Valley? Is it because they are US citizens and not illegal immigrants?
Author: Arashisar
It cracks me up every crooked Democrat says it's a Nationwide problem.They always insult there state with that BS ! Kennedy stated it perfectly.
Author: Bataur
Who is to blame... Drum rolls............
Author: Moogule
Good example of a State Democrated ran ! Hey Nancy Pelosi fix your own State.
Author: Shaktibar
What a surprise , open border , no crisis here Nancy Chuckie and peach fawti fi Maxine probably haven't heard...

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