Jews divided over call for all Germans to wear kippahs

31.05.2019   |   by Makasa

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Comments "Jews divided over call for all Germans to wear kippahs":

Author: Mooguran
loooooooooooooooooooooooooooolll. multicultural BS. Germany...send them ALL back to their homes. You have tried...
Author: Arashilkis
Why not better all Germans use Prusian helmet to protect themselves from attacks?
Author: Faule
You could turn me into an anti-Semite by trying to force me to wear one.
Author: Megul
Someone hit the stop button please, just for one day even.
Author: Daik
Do Germans have any dignity left?
Author: Shashakar
Say to these jooo, fook youu!
Author: Madal
oy vey crying schizofreniz demonic shapeshifting jews.
Author: JoJoran
Expel these freaks from Europe like they did in 109 other countries. Nobody wants you!
Author: Faezuru
Star of David is not star of David but a Rothschild occult symbol. They want the antichrist to come with the 3rd temple. Trying to force God's hand. These European Khazarian converts have nothing to do with the Hebrews of OT. The source of the world's problems as they hide behind PC words.
Author: Mular
Note how the government lumped anti-Jewish and anti-Israel together.
Author: Malashakar
GTFOH everyone should then wear swastikas on hitlers birthday
Author: Kagaran
Smells like Kikery!
Author: Dagrel
LOL give me a break, yea wears a kippah to show how much you've been conquered. This is like New Zealand all over again.
Author: Bazil
I'll wrap myself in a Palestinian flag instead. This has nothing to do with Jewish people, it has to do with rogue apartheid Israel and its war crimes.
Author: Brara
Over my dead body....🖕
Author: Tojaran
The West is utterly jewed! 🤪😂
Author: Zur
Nowhere in the Bible does it say to put a frisbee on your head.
Author: Goltigor
I'll wear a kippah but only if jews wear an armband with a Swastika on it
Author: Doulrajas
All our government's are starting the trouble. Divide & Conquer
Author: Nisho
OK, it's official now. Germany has gone completely insane. Just when you think they couldn't get more PC with their holocaust guilt they go and do something like this.
Author: Fenrijinn
Also why didn't the journalist ask the people on pro-Israel side why they chose not to wear the kippah? After all it's not required for all Jewish people to wear them when out in public.

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