Japanese dive-bombers strike the USS Enterprise during World War II HD Stock Footage

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Author: Gogrel
This action occurred during the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, 26 October 1942, during the Guadalcanal Campaign. Enterprise and Hornet fought heavy carriers Zuikaku, Shokaku, and light carriers Junyo and Zuiho. By the end of the day, Zuikaku was badly damaged from bomb hits, Shokaku had lost most of her planes and Zuiho was hit by a bomb aft and unable to conduct flight ops. On the American side, Enterprise was badly damaged but lived to fight again, and Hornet was hit multiple times by bombs and torpedoes and sunk. The hits shown in this film show the first bomb striking the 5" gun gallery aft on the starboard side. All of the gunners were immolated. The next bomb hit just aft of the island, killing the film photographer.
Author: Shakataur
your logo in the middle is absolutely ridiculous, like because you uploaded this film to youtube that you didnt take or fight for is yours and yours alone. please show respect to the men IN the film and put a small logo in the corner like 99% of film posters due. thank you
Author: Kezil
But I don't know for sure.
Author: Gagis
Critical past move your handle to a corner ,this obscures the film ,especially when it's from a cinecam on the move all the time light changes readily and frontline war footage it's hard the best of times,I salute the camera men etc .
Author: Baramar
Nice shot
Author: Mizilkree
A fire at sea is the scariest thing ever. The ship is your house in an unforgiving environment, but unlike being in a house you can't just run out the door to safety. On a carrier you have oil, gasoline and, yes, bombs to deal with. If the ship goes down, you die.
Author: Zululabar
Amazing Footage!
Author: Nikole
Look at the lean of the brave men walking , definitely a super hard port turn😱
Author: Shar
I like vulva smell
Author: Brami
0:59 the cameraman died of wounds received while filming these bombs hitting the ship.
Author: Karn
The guy that you can see at 0:14 moving ammo at the top left hand corner of the screen. When the bomb exploded, he was almost thrown off the ship, luckily the railing caught him, he got up and went straight back to work, seemingly unharmed, albeit a little confused from being flung around.
Author: Mauramar
Author: Doumuro
Poings et main liée
Author: Tugrel
It's crazy the combat cameraman was killed by the second bomb hitting aft of the tower. The Pacific War was vicious on land and at sea.
Author: Akinorisar
Hard to run when you are swinging a pair of brass balls as big as those sailors........
Author: Dajas
Had this happened to a British carrier how would the damage have differed?
Author: Tezuru
Wow, never seen that before. That ship along with Yorktown, Lexington, Hornet and Wasp and their brave and skilled crews and airwings defeated the Imperial Japanese navy almost single handedly in the early stage of the war after Pearl Harbour. I know reams of paper have been written about Enterprise being scrapped. What a shame. Heroes all of them.
Author: Mazahn
awful watermark...
Author: JoJogami
Check out the damage controlman lugging that fire bottle all the way down the deck to fight the fire on the stern. All his shipmates ran for cover when another attack came in, and he just kept right on going towards the fire. that's what ordinary heroes look like in action.
Author: Mazucage
0:19 may the men of the rear starboard 5" gun emplacements rest in peace
Author: Goltilkree
I managed to find a paperback copy of "The Big E" at a sale. Absolutely a great read!
Author: Yora
This footage is unique I can't think of any other instance where cameramen filmed their carrier under attack.
Author: Tojaramar
Read a lot about Big E, have seen the pictures, never saw the film. Incredible and humbling. RIP to those who were lost.

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