Jaime Osuna suspected of murder, again

14.06.2019   |   by Daijas

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Author: Salmaran
Why is he alive
Author: Daizragore
he's the PRIME SUSPECT?! he was the ONLY OTHER PERSON with Romero !! 🤦🤦
Author: Samule
Hahahaha. Everybody using the joker anymore. Hahahaha. Gota love our admirers
Author: Taugul
He gets sent to the mental world and folks who need to be in mental facilities that have not murdered anyone can't even get the help that they need most of the time. So sad.
Author: Nigrel
Death penalty!!!!
Author: Douramar
Why is he still alive
Author: Fauzragore
I thought that this was a weird woman with face tats in the thumbnail.
Author: Mobar
I'll shoot Him in the HEAD...point Blank..Range your welcome...😲
Author: Duzil
Thought it was a Hindu lady
Author: Nikozshura
This guy has just spiraled down. He's no good anymore to society even inside. This guy is a straight wacko.
Author: Nikoll
I wonder if he killed his tattoo artist?
Author: Maujora
and they kept him alive after he admitted to all that and gave him a cell mate ...crazy
Author: Shataur
He's evil. He should be put to death.
Author: Terg
Funny how he can't help us and kill himself!
Author: Mem
When people like this admit that their going to keep killing.. he needs to be put down.
Author: Mabar
He is just crazy damn🤔 might as well just put him to death or he wont stop killing.
Author: Vogul
Just kill this guy.
Author: Kilrajas
Death penalty for this guy. He is a worthless flith that doesn't deserve to live.
Author: Kazuru
He should've been put to death ..end of story
Author: Doushakar
Its cruel to let this thing live any longer.

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