Is Trump’s Trade War Crippling Family Dairy Farms?

10.06.2019   |   by Kajilkree

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Author: Turisar
Tuck frump
Author: Votaxe
give free to poor nations in Africa and Asia where China have influence
Author: Guzilkree
It's so sad that this farmer and the others mindlessly continue to buy into the lies without doing that simple thing called research BEFORE voting and I'm referring to their state reps right on up to their US reps and presidents. If they did a simple search of the orange shit gibbon they could have easily discovered he was and is a grifter, a con artist. How does one manage to bankrupt 3 count 'em 3 fn casinos? His fake university? His airline? His steaks, water and shitty wines? He uses other peoples money starting with not paying for contracted work. He knows nothing about a dairy farmer, cattle rancher or much else. He has spent his entire life living off of other people's money and it's been laid out time and time again.
Author: Daizil
so a major point here is that, america has too much milk, so we have more than we can use an excess, or a surplus. Other countries, dont seem to want it, so naturally, milk production businesses will go out of business, it seems natural.
Author: Grojinn
Sounds like they should take a page out of Canada's supply management system.
Author: Dutaxe
Wisconsin farmers are stuck smelling Trump's dairy air.
Author: Juhn
Almost like they need a supply management system to ensure there is no what Canada has
Author: Fezilkree
The US has condemned Canada's Supply Management system for decades .. Now it seems to be their only solution to US Dairy killing the US Dairy Business .. Americans should thank the line up at the check-out .. that gallon of milk you bought .. 73% was paid for by the taxpayers
Author: Gardazilkree
There is no over production if you vote Replubican you vote to put yourself out of business
Author: Tojabar
Author: Tolkree
Buyers from Guatemala, Columbia, Chile? OH NO! It's another "caravan"!
Author: Nikoshura
The number of US farms went from 650,000 to 40,219. Maybe the US could switch to managed supply, like in Canada?
Author: Macage
The slaughter of rural America continues
Author: Vizilkree
Lol. People are blaming Trump for dairy farm woes? Canada has been blocking out US dairy products for years and Trump actually renegotiated NAFTA to allow more US dairy products. What a joke this video is.
Author: Gura
The terifs are the only thing keeping small producers around. could you imagine if beans were 14 dollars and corn was 7 dollars. Big farmers need to be cut off from any government funds because that's the only way they stay afloat. We can't have a good milk price because big dairies will just keep expanding to try to make up for money lost in times when a small family farm can make enough to get by. And if the big grain farmers go broke that's even better
Author: Tauzil
Obama killed the dairy farm, Trump hasn’t fixed it yet. Bad trade deals for many years have hurt all farmers
Author: Tut
so a problem almost five years in the making is caused by a policy put in place 2 years ago. love the fact you run an artificial milk product as before your " pro "dairy story
Author: Mishakar
Capitalism at work. When you have a milk / cheese plant that's processing 8 to 9 million pounds a day and they're going to dairies with 5,000 plus cows filling trucks with 70,000 plus pounds of milk 4 to 6 times a day. Dairies with 35 or 85 cows can't survive the efficiency of scale. How many dairies and how many miles do you drive when the dairy produces 10,000 pounds of milk every 2 days?
Author: Vudokree
Be thankful to God for what you have and those you love and, count all your blessings everyday.

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