Interview with Drone manufacturer General Atomics

08.07.2019   |   by Mezikazahn

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Author: Zulkirr
this is who i work for, and aid in MQ9 and C. if you dont want to be protected by them, leave.
Author: Kajinos
This GA guy is so professional. The interviewer on the other hand has no idea what he is talking about.
Author: Daira
GA is ABSOLUTELY a policy maker. The Blue brothers litterally told our present Minister for Israeli-offensive Apocalyptics , Christopher Pyne , to spend our taxpayer money on your reapers. And that's just the beginning. Screw G.A , Screw your redemptive violence. Congratulations on melting people in they're hometown's. Assholes
Author: Daisida
Thump up for all the information he shared.
Author: Tozilkree
General Atomics is a technology company, not the user nor policy maker. They see the opportunities so they ride with it. You should question the government, not the businesses.

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