EXCLUSIVE: Lisa Page Testimony Reveals New Details in Spygate Scandal

08.06.2019   |   by Nikocage

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Author: Arashizuru
Is it any coincidence that Comey linked to to start a special counsel investigation? And now we have two of the top lieutenants who were leaking, deliberately leaking in a delivery — deliberate strategy. And can you imagine how ludicrous this is? That the FBI was investigating these people supposedly in the periphery of the Trump campaign for alleged collusion with Russia to interfere with the election, when they themselves were interfering with our election?
Author: Dalabar
They are. The problem is we do not know whether it is John Huber or the security division at the justice Department. The best information is that it is the national security division at the justice Department.
Author: Mutaur
WITCH HUNT! Straight up witch hunt! They all need to be fired by the squad! This crack team of FBI FIFA investigators, needed to make a name for themselves, absolutely a bunch of narcissistic sociopaths, these grifters are traitors!
Author: Dodal
Here’s what we do know. We know from the text revealed by strzok and page yesterday that we now are at a different place. The walls are closing in, but they are not closing in on the president. They are closing in on the FBI and the department of justice under President Obama. Those text messages by strzok and page, which reveal an illegal media strategy to illegally and criminally released FISA warrant information and name a U.S. Citizen, whose information they gave to “The New York Times” is a criminal offense. And by mentioning Carter Page, they have now created massive civil liability for everybody involved in revealing Carter Page’s name. Including themselves, James baker, the former FBI general general counsel. Prize step, everybody in the chain of command, the reporters for “The New York Times” have no privileges now. They also can be sued by Carter Page. Because although they may have been legally able to accept information, by publishing it, they reveal classified information that smeared Carter Page. Mr. Page will be a very wealthy man.
Author: Yozshucage
so russia's purported involvement with trump's group but not the money flowing into the clinton foundation as connected to uranium one, china, burma and other county's like hattie was took priority over clinton's case. .it is clear that i.c. goal was to undermine the trump campaign and presidency . truly corrupt .
Author: Meztirr
It all starts and ends with the Clintons. The most corrupt vile people on the planet. Makes Joseph Mengele look like a Choir boy!
Author: Yozshuzragore
Democrats...Enemies and Traitors of the US...Since 1860. Some things never change.
Author: Arashizil
the sad thing is , if that Clinton was elected , not a damn thing would be known about any of the letter agencies. or any of this , by the American people .
Author: Mezigis
Doesn't sound like Lisa Page has been Freed or Flipped from this! That or she was/still is a Libtard.
Author: Shakaran
the Obama admin is guilty of espionage
Author: Zulujind
"Months and Months" trying to decide whether to go after Laptops and Server. Muellers Team just busts down your Door at 4am. Page is a slippery slimy Rat Lawyer.
Author: Yolrajas
We have to thank God every day for having Donald Trump as our President
Author: Bragami
Thank you Gina!😎👌 🇺🇸
Author: Kagagore
By Thomas Lifson
Author: Shazahn
Just the facts ma'am, nothing but the facts. Love the research and smooth delivery by the beautiful Ms Shakespeare
Author: Virn
Brennen, clapper, Mueller and others - was trying to bring trump down and they all need to go down for it, let's not forget the guy that kicked it all off . OBAMA
Author: Mazujar
Gina S, the new standard bearer of truthful reporting.
Author: Kisida
They are all involved, they are going down. And people don’t like to think about this, but James Comey, strzok, Mccabe, they are all going down on the FISA warrant stuff. That is not even in question.
Author: Yozshukree
This is the way News are supposed to be reported.
Author: Dailar
Fake News media pay attention.
Author: Merisar
Why wouldn’t they call a meeting with Trump if they suspected foul play during election? I will tell you why. It was a set up.
Author: Mezijinn
Big story today folks. An in-depth and highly factual piece by @EpochTimes contributor Jeff Carlson, who has been working around the clock to bring our viewers quality coverage of the #SpyGate scandal. You can follow Jeff @themarketswork and Gina @ginashakespeare
Author: Arashura
it is a coup nothing more or less treason.....
Author: Sacage
Lisa Page still thinks this is all a game and that she will walk away from all of her sedition!
Author: Kigakus
It's flat out illegal to conduct official business on private email attempting to avoid FOI laws.
Author: Tujind
We know that the grand jury has been seated. We know that we are looking at the lying issues, different sources that are telling me, also they are looking into the FISA abuse issues.

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