Every day is Memorial Day: Pence remembers the fallen | USA TODAY

29.06.2019   |   by Yozshurg

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Author: Kegore
God bless M. P
Author: Samugrel
Was it just me but I got a weird title
Author: Yoshicage
Author: Moogushura
Pence under breath : except for those transpeople
Author: Sagal
I don't think memorial day is supposed to be happy. It's a day we remember the fallen soldiers.
Author: Yojas
Let's not forget all the LGBTQ service members.
Author: Nikom
Short and sweet.
Author: Tojamuro
Happy memorie day everyone rip all the people that were fighting in war 😢
Author: Tygosho
Author: Mikajar
There's a lot of people riding this wave of prosperity that doesn't mind giving tax money more to the rich and not the poor. Once again you could say intelligence has found a way. Intelligence can change the way we live but it can also make reality harder to deal with. What if a meaning showed up in your house unexpected. Let's say one of your children came home from school crying that her best friend killed herself because she was bullied at school. A friend next door invited to dinner after hearing this coined the phrase it is better to rule with Satan than it is to serve God, at least Satan would've stood up for himself. Your child after hearing this gets up from the table looks at her father and his friend and hollers out you are killing God. The father a business executive tells himself he has to fix this problem showing up at home. The next day while at the office he picks up the phone makes a call and a week later there is a huge swimming pool in the backyard.
Author: Mazular
POTUS should be here in the United States for Memorial Day! Not in Japan! He is a Traitor to the United States! Impeach the MF, NOW!!!
Author: Daizuru
Author: Sakinos
… while Trump was eating 3 Big Macs laying on his Sleep [email protected] bed.
Author: Gotaur
God bless all our military, living and dead. You are our true heroes.
Author: Kajijinn
Weird title XD
Author: Dotilar
Happy red, white and blue day. Where is our president? In Japan playing golf.
Author: Mikabar
I want everybody to put themselves in the shoes of the other child living at home that I have yet to mention. On a scale from 1 to 10 how much hope still lives at that home? Someone choosing to kill themselves prices out life to what they think can afford to pay. How intelligent are we to know what price that is? To put it simply what is hope worth these days?... I will start this off by giving hope a 10. I know someone who committed suicide and it changed my feelings profoundly, it even changed the direction my life was to follow in times to come. I believe there are some things money just can't fix. You can also look at it this way, you are the big brother to little sister living in the same house and next year you'll be off to college. You have been hearing in some of the tweets the president is making that he wants to close down sanctuary cities and bring in the National Guard to help keep law and order. He doesn't like to look bad so he has asked this question in one of his tweets. People of the United States of America, how much hope do you really need and how much should it cost? I have already given you jobs what more do you want from me? Be real America and tell me what you think? Big brother thinks about it for a minute then retweets I will give hope a three... if people would work harder they wouldn't need so much of it.... What do you think, would you tell your president what your hope is worth?

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