Doctor Who Attacked Uber Driver is Worried Her Career Will Be Affected

09.06.2019   |   by Mooguramar

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Comments "Doctor Who Attacked Uber Driver is Worried Her Career Will Be Affected":

Author: Shakinos
Can't imagine anyone wanting her for a doctor after seeing this.
Author: Dushura
neurosurgeon: "Well on the day of surgery in question; i was having a terrible day... i put on way too much mascara and my hair was flat and lifeless because my boyfriend wouldnt brush my hair 1000 strokes which made me late and then uber wouldnt take my calls... for some strange reason.... TRUST ME... YOU ARE NOT THE VICTIM HERE..."
Author: Gagal
She's only doing this because she got caught and corrective action should be taken. She needs to stop making excuses, please, do not allow her back in the medical field.
Author: Dabar
patient: "Since you operated on my brain, i smell cinamin rolls and poop uncontrollably when i scratch my left ear..."
Author: Mikazil
When is her porn rolling out??
Author: Voodoogul
Wtf how is she not in jail? She assaulted that man and destroyed his property! I'm so confused
Author: Dall
If she was a man. The hospital would undoubtedly terminate him, he'd be in jail, and of course charges would be pressed.
Author: Vojora
What a pretentious self centered spoiled brat. Even in this interview she comes off as fake.
Author: Yojar
the most fake apology i've ever seen.
Author: Gardakree
her career should be affected negatively. What if a he went off on a patient.
Author: Narg
She should lose her job. What if she "had a bad day" at the hospital or office and went off on a patient? It absolutely translates to who she is as a person and as a doctor. A Normal person doesn't "go off" on a stranger for being dumped by a boyfriend. Not to mention doctors literally take a VOW to never cause harm, on duty and off.
Author: Mashakar
And she wonders why her bf broke up with her....
Author: JoJozuru
"There's no excuse for my behavior"
Author: Meztiramar
She should be fired and her doctors license taken away. How did a little juvenile high school kid get a doctors license anyway? she'll get her patients killed by prescribing them poison or something.
Author: Zulkijas
Typical narcissistic behavior. She's not sorry. She is sorry someone recorded the the whole mess with their phone.
Author: Kigazil
Fake-ness in a nutshell ( 0:54 - 1:09 😂). She reminds me of Desiree Jenkins fake flu vaccine story (16)
Author: Bracage
I wouldn't trust her as my doctor.
Author: Gogis
I can`t feel sorry for her
Author: Kagrel
Why are you interviewing her?! Why not talk to the guy she attacked?
Author: Arashishicage
Proceeds to give reporter excuses for her behavior.
Author: Sasho
No wonder her former boyfriend broke up with her.
Author: Kilrajas
sooo she's single and desperate, I'm in.

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