Cops, unprovoked, use Taser gun on Columbia, MO man

28.05.2019   |   by Mazuzilkree

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Comments "Cops, unprovoked, use Taser gun on Columbia, MO man":

Author: Banos
all i can do is laugh dumb ass nigga
Author: Meztiramar
hey whats the big deal, the guy wanted to jump anyway. the cops just helped his slow ass along some
Author: Goltile
1. You use negotiation as a guise for force. 2. The force they apply is so poorly planned and executed that the first shot misses. 3. They end up firing a second shot that leads to an incident for which they were called to intervene in the first place. 4.They did this while being video taped.
Author: Mosar
And they stopped the dipshit from killing himself which was the goal. Its unfortunate that he fell but thats the cops' fault. I didn't see any of the officers making him get on the ledge. Did you?
Author: Kajizilkree
shocking....just shocking!
Author: Moogusho
@TheJasperkitty shut the fuck up dude you have no point
Author: Jusho
Smh reading some of these comments from "sheep minded" so called people is mainly the problem with society! I see y'all think its a good thing for the system to not treat us as human beings but be treated like animals with no say so! What I just saw could have been handled in soooo many other ways, people r so quick to judge not even knowing what's going on behind the scenes, y'all r the type that trust the government and the system with your life
Author: Kagasida
@jmh30us Eat shit and die bigot. Your type need to lay off all the meth and maybe you wouldnt look like a small woodland creature has been eating away at your face.
Author: Zukazahn
What a waste of money for the cops to show up. this man wanted to jump off the bridge and in the end he fell off the bridge as a result of bad police-work. so why did como waste its money to invite police into a situation in which they did nothing but help this guy jump off the overpass?
Author: Shakagrel
Cause in your sheep mind u think they care and want the best for u lol...and its the people that don't think for themselves (yet y'all think your thinking for yourselves) that make it hard for me and others who don't want to be controlled in every part of my life and be treated like animals with no say so. Yet all the dummies agree that this is a gud thing...not knowing when its time 4 shit 2 go down, cause one day it is...u will be the first die, by the same entities u
Author: Mugul
What the fuck he sat down and the guy tazers him? Lul
Author: Memuro
@TheJasperkitty You are a racist, listen you can rant up and down about labels, but you labeled this man a "assrican american" so it was made clear you dont view black people as anything above "asses." So if the label fits the bill why not wear it, shouldnt you be at a Klan rally anyways?
Author: Nikobei
down in a safe manor not unsafe typo on my part my apologies
Author: Daijas
meant to so say 'not the cops' fault'. Whoops.
Author: JoJosida
@Valobladr They were responding to a call. How would you people respond if there was no police presence during this? 'Damn cops didn't do anything to help him!' or 'WTF they must have been eating donuts!' Some states actually allow lethal force to prevent a suicide threat. Sounds strange I know but think about it. If you are prepared to end your own life, is it really a stretch that you're also prepared to end another?
Author: Tozilkree
@dewyfiend well i mean he ended up going off the overpass as result of the cops actions, so why even bother wasting tax payer money on bringing the police out there if in the end they technically stopped nothing.
Author: Musar
Epic Fail.
Author: Votaxe
Someone should shoot the fuckin cops
Author: Kazragar
hey dumbass grow some common sense 1:he fell in the grass 2: the taser took him down without cops or criminal getting hurt and 3:he is taken into custody unharmed 4: in case you haven't noticed the WTC isn't there anymore. and 5: tasers have saved harmed from both cops and criminals since there invention in addition they have also saved inocent lives from rageing psychopaths with guns by taking them down in an unsafe manor. and 6: cops are always the fucking bad guys to you until you need them.
Author: Grokinos
Why would they do that
Author: Mirr
Author: Fenrit
Columbia Missouri police have a knack for being video taped acting like idiots at best (downright criminals at worst).

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