Chiefs GM John Dorsey on Kareem Hunt, the teams 3rd round RB

01.06.2019   |   by Tygozshura

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Comments "Chiefs GM John Dorsey on Kareem Hunt, the teams 3rd round RB":

Author: Faekora
Man was hoping the Chiefs could have been in a position to pick up Kamara. VFL/Chiefs Fan Kid looks solid though
Author: Kisar
A slower Pocket Hercules...doesn't look like he has much breakaway speed. It does appear that he'll be a grinder that can finish games for you though.
Author: Faejar
Great pick
Author: Zulunris
He actually didnt lose that fumble. But heeeeey, great pick. Definitely paid off against 1st gm of the season.
Author: Yotaur
marshawn lynch/spencer ware 2.0
Author: Shaktidal
next 1000 yard rusher
Author: Virisar
anyone know what Dorse meant by "tough upbringing?"
Author: Akigul
Man Dorsey nailed it... "contact balance"... definitely see that on some of these runs where he breaks 6-7 tackles.  Kareem is awesome.
Author: Sharr
Chubb and hunt are going to be nasty together on the Browns
Author: Faek
Anyone here know what happened with the Chiefs and Dorsey?

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