Canadian group wants the anthem changed

12.06.2019   |   by Zolocage

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Comments "Canadian group wants the anthem changed":

Author: Tekinos
That Fact that time and MY tax money is being wasted on changing a word is ridiculous.
Author: Mezishura
How did I know... Ugh, I can't stand some feminists. Just leave things the way they are for once. The hell with political correctness, just let things be.
Author: JoJogore
It’s was wrote that way before leave it alone 5-6 woman shouldn’
Author: Kazilkis
Wow so so, so stupid
Author: Faelkree
sorry i meant to say the first world war, my mistake.
Author: Yozshugami
the fact that the anthem wording wasnt actually changed untill the out break of the second world war should tell you something, it was for a reason, to recognize the sacrifice of the young men who gave there lives to the cause of our freedom as the context of the verse in defense of the nation in which at the time only men were obligated to partake in, thus was i said, it is an acknowledgement not an exclusion
Author: Fezragore
Regressive left are insane.
Author: Vudole
We let you vote, bitches. It didn't mean that we wanted your opinion on anything. I'm going to start a campaign to change it from "In all thy son's command" to "Make me a sandwich, Bitch!"
Author: Guktilar
Yeah. How dare women want to be included in the national anthem!
Author: Kajile
they prob on crack
Author: Shagore
I had this conversation with alot of people and nobody wanted it changed nobody wants "all of us" treadau really is hated at my school...........
Author: Goltishicage
While you'e at it, please take out "God keep our land, glorious and free" and replace it with something more rooted in reality. Us Atheists and Agnostics are insulted.
Author: Doutaur
yes change god to we
Author: Nalkree
No, misogyny will always be around. But shouldn't we fight it on all fronts? Should our national anthem have misogyny in it? Because of tradition?
Author: Babei
Change Canada to Multi cultural countree... How often does anyone sing the anthem with sincerity? Its usually followed with drunkeness disorder.
Author: Dogrel
I refuse to accept any change in our natioinal anthem as I have always sang it since I was born in the 1950s and I will continue to sing it that way.

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