Barix Exstreamer to Remote AM Part 15 Transmitter - Liberty 1640AM

02.06.2019   |   by Gobar

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Author: Yozshushicage
@sassercollins I spoke with Barix and got my question answered, though now I wonder what a "limiter compressor" or as you also called it a "Gate Circuit" is?
Author: Kigatilar
I'm confused. Is there a computer between the modem and the router? It appears not, so how does the ex-streamer know to grab the Alex Jones Show? I could understand if there is a computer-not shone-that is grabbing a stream from GCN Radio, but if not, then please explain. Furthermore, the RangeMaster is plugged into the radio or an antenna, also not shown?
Author: Shakataur
Author: Tygorn
These do work best with the static IP at the radio transmitter end although I have the static at the studio end.. Having at the remote end you can control the units remote without having to drive out there should there be problems.
Author: Gagar
Im getting calls on this co I need to make clear this is a accessory for remote transmitter locations or for those using our transmitter who dont have a studio or device to feed the transmitter with show material. We have our own stream you can use.
Author: Mikashicage
Actually, these work very nicely. For our station, we own 3 pairs (Instreamer/Extstreamer). 2 we use as STLs, and the 3rd is actually a remote unit that works tremendously. If you want any help with that, feel free to let me know or send me a message.

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