360° view of along Cdn.-U.S. border where asylum seekers are crossing illegally

11.06.2019   |   by Taujinn

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Comments "360° view of along Cdn.-U.S. border where asylum seekers are crossing illegally":

Author: Grotilar
It's surprising that they have not block comments section 😎
Author: Fausar
They are criminals. It is a criminal act to bypass customs. CBC even admits it is illegal.
Author: Karr
Stop calling them asylum seekers.
Author: Nikolar
Protecting the borders and protesting the Liberal Federal government for not trying to stop illegal immigration, today June 3 2018, and hopefully again on Canada day( just hoping).....will this be the beginning of a permanent protesters camp that could grow to a large size geographically speaking????????????????????????And remain until the government shows true resolve in stopping unmitigated illegal border crossing, and ceases submitting to failed United Nations agendas and policies, the result being the social, economic, and civil unrest in Europe. PROTESTERS CAMP YEAH...HUMAN CHAINS PROTECTING OUR BORDERS> YEAH....When the police start to arrest nationalist and patriotic Canadian Citizens for trespassing but and do not arrest the illegal immigrants for trespassing, a true hypocrisy of Liberal and their UN masters shall be evident to the Canadian Citizens....Liberal party is dead in Ontario, Wynne withdrew from the race, may it be so with the federal Liberals soonest. Abuse the Canadian people and there is plausible thrustback.
Author: Vudokasa
So you just posted a video about Canadians who can't even afford rent in Toronto, Who's going to pay for all these refugee's to live here? Those Torontarians?
Author: Tygozilkree
I feel so sorry for those desperate people. Canadian winters are terribly cold, and I'm sure they'd rather still be living in their own home countries.
Author: Megar
What potato did you guys use
Author: Kezuru
illegal aliens

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