Hosehead the Dog saves the day (Strange Brew).

03.07.2019   |   by Zulugor

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Comments "Hosehead the Dog saves the day (Strange Brew).":

Author: Tojahn
LOL. This is my favorite part in the movie, eh? :b
Author: Douhn
I love it when his cape blows away & he looks back in it :) 1:54
Author: Yok
Real Canadians would've fought the skunk to keep it away from their beer.
Author: Zulkiktilar
Darn Canadiens. It's not a skunk. it's just Hosehead.
Author: Shakagis
Canadians love their beer, eh?
Author: Kajizahn
The lesson as always you want a dog to do something get him all the beer and sausages he can eat.
Author: Dazshura
if your canadian youve seen this
Author: Sharg
Hwy 401 to Highway 6 north leads to Guelph not Kitchener!
Author: Mile
uh, he's a dire skunk! yeah, let's just go with that, eh?
Author: Malatilar
I laughed until I cried when the dog flew into the air.
Author: Dutaxe
Love that landing! 2:07
Author: Dokus
It's a Toronto skunk. Our jurisdiction.
Author: Kajijinn
Lol hosehead smiling !
Author: Dajin
Tell a Canadian that the beer is free and you have their undivided attention.
Author: Tom
Holy moly, when Hosehead comes scorching through that tent.
Author: Dulkree
I remember the first time I watched this. I was with my dad, and right before the dog took off flying into the air, he turned to me and said, "Hey, watch this." I had never laughed so hard.
Author: Tushicage
Author: Shaktiktilar
@DeviateEmcee: Sad times indeed if the state of English beer is as you say. I always considered the English to be the better brewers outside of continental Europe (the Belgian Trappists and the Czechs get my vote as the best brewmeisters for my humble tastes). American micro-breweries tend to over-hop their ales, there are small family-run breweries, there is Guiness Extra Stout, and there is everything else. And there is Guinness Extra Stout.
Author: Nerr
Could a dog really have that coloration?
Author: Bam
Yeah, like a skunk can grow that big!
Author: Arashizuru
Hosehead's the best dog ever eh!?
Author: Brarg
Yeah, like a skunk can grow that big!
Author: Shaktigal
Laughed my ass off the first time I saw Hosehead fly.

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