Bone Jewellery DIY || Step-by-Step | Creepy Creations

07.07.2019   |   by Mauran

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Author: Grogrel
I love the jewellery! I'm really squeamish with dead things and gore/organs, but I think handling clean bones like that kind of makes it easier. I know nothing about the bone jewellery creation process, so maybe one day you could show us a video of how you do it/tips and tricks? ^^ I really like the idea of creating something out of death, I see people do it with their deceased pets a lot. I totally understand the philosophy, I'm just too much of a wuss haha! Also two thumbs up for more DIY videos! :D
Author: Gukinos
those are cool too btw :-)
Author: Samuzshura
Thanks for the tutorial!
Author: Kezragore
Excellent video even now, was looking for inspiration as I plan to make my own bone jewelry soon. Thanks so much for this video!
Author: Kashura
More more more bones videos!!! Processing, jewels, decoration, all that jazz!!
Author: Arashihn
Your voice is so relaxing - . I loved this DIY idea.
Author: Mauzragore
I really love this idea and I love what u said. "Creating something beautiful out of death!"
Author: Doukus
I'd love to see more DIY videos from you, this was a really cool idea. I've noticed a bat's body while out walking but it's not quite decomposed enough for me to want to touch it, I guess that's the difficult part. Can you imagine real bat wing bones for jewelry? :)
Author: Karg
perfect i like youuu!!!;D
Author: Zuluzil
Thank you for the tutorial! I would love to see you make more bone jewelry!
Author: Shakarisar
u should totally do a bone crown diy!!
Author: Kazilar
Yay more DIY & bone jewellery! <3
Author: Tazahn
Please make a video on how you prepare your bones, like how you clean them and remove any flesh 💜💜
Author: Zulkibei
Nice bone jewellery! love it! Can you maybe make a video about how you clean, desinfect and prepare bones you find? I found road kill a few times now, but I always fail in cleaning the bones, especially the skull and smaller, thin bones :(
Author: Sarr
More bone jewelry please! I love this ^_^ <3
Author: Tojajinn
i have reindeer antler tip and leather string on my neck :)
Author: Vizragore
More diys please 🙏🏻
Author: Arashikinos
Very nice DIY! Would definitely love to see more. I really love your makeup videos too 👍
Author: Akinolar
I really like your way of presenting stuff and your voice! And the fact that you find your bones in the wild is a good thing, so it's ethically sourced.
Author: Grokazahn
I'm intrigued with the bone harvesting process. Would it be too morbid to see the before process (fellow vegan here)? I love the thought of making something beautiful out of death.
Author: Shatilar
Wow Wow! Your makeup is lovely here <3 <3 <3
Author: Kelkis
Can you show us how you clean your bones and the whole process of getting the bones out of the animal

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