JAWS 1975 - Main Title (Theme From Jaws) Full HD

28.06.2019   |   by JoJozragore

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Author: Goltikora
I seen a meteor in this movie :D
Author: Nara
"We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat"
Author: Vukora
The dyas before Black Friday.
Author: Fenrizragore
Baby if your reading this I'm sorry
Author: Kigor
Author: Kajit
Altar boys hear this everytime they enter a church
Author: Yozshugar
Are there such things as Space Sharks?
Author: Kagabar
When your playing tags with a friend that is faster than you are
Author: Mazujin
For the less familiar, this is a type of concert arrangement from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, 1975 from MCA Records. The concert works on that Soundtrack are probably better than the compositions actually heard in the movie.
Author: Bragal
Put this song in a suspensfull tone in Alien before one of the crew dies.
Author: Vokree
I wonder if anyone's tried playing these through hydrophones at a beach...
Author: Yokazahn
One of the greatest sound tracks ever !
Author: Goltilkree
Will the world ever forget jaws? I hope not.
Author: Gardat
Author: Zushakar
WTF, thought it was already out on Blu-Ray.
Author: Balrajas
Author: Grole
The beach should closed but the maaaaayyoooooor
Author: Nikosida
I played this while the Shark was chasing me in GTA V
Author: Kinris
A very fitting and impressive diagram I must say. Very impressive.
Author: Akihn
When the music was created by musicians , not programmers, played by orchestra , not a computer
Author: Arashijar
when you see a peek a boo sun cover your eyes
Author: Tazilkree
nice theme ever!
Author: Tojajin
I fell asleep once with this playing in my ears. I had the worst nightmare ever. When I woke up I pissed in my sleep. 😨
Author: Vudokora
It's that real?
Author: Tolrajas
Ya see, this is why you never underestimate the ocean, children... Look down there, and down your ass goes, gasping for breathe, alas to feel being torn apart, bleeding, and drowning... Death being inevitable.. (sorry, went too far)
Author: Moogusida
wait wrong video
Author: Malara
The theme that spawned selachophobia.
Author: Togrel
The most iconic score of all time. :)
Author: Voodoojinn
Two notes.
Author: Tojatilar
Looks like 21 people were the shark's main course XD
Author: Zudal
The beginning sounds a bit creepier at 0.75 speed
Author: Naktilar
swimmers everywhere disliked this
Author: Mazugami
Next time I go on a boat I am so playing this just to scare everyone else!
Author: Aranris
Gotta Have My Pops
Author: Fenrilabar
Author: Tygotaxe
Just found the ringtone for when my ex calls.
Author: Kajizragore
i love that movie if you play it forwards it is about a shark that eats a bunch of people if you play it backwards it is about a shark that throws up a bunch of people
Author: Kagakora
Jeff: Wut?
Author: Gujar
I started playing this cause I'm out in far ocean in gta 5
Author: Fejas
You know, you have to understand how impressive it is that almost every single main title John William writes it becomes a classic.
Author: Tygogore
Went to go see this on June 21st with my girlfriend. She doesn't want to go swimming now 😂
Author: Yozshura
One of the best themes of all time. It's simple, mainly composed of just 2 notes played over and over, and yet it's one of the most intense themes ever made.
Author: Terr
This theme plays in my head, when I'm checking out women and approach them to ask them out.
Author: Moogudal
Author: Vudoshura
Welcome to the genius of John Williams, otherwise known as, how to make a great white shark out of a symphonic orchestra. Inspired.
Author: Tygole
When the teacher approaches you when you are playing games on the school computer
Author: Kazijin
When you see a spider staring at you from the wall...
Author: Malaramar
To me, this is thee single most effective theme/score to any film ever created. It's SO simplistic & yet expresses terror underwater to the extreme. Any one who saw this film growing up learned to FEAR that ostinato.
Author: Malajin
I played this on a saling trip with my friends once, the boat tipped 😂😂😂😂
Author: Vunos
Thumbs up is Quagmire brought you here!!! gig gig gig gig GIGGITY!!!!!!
Author: Mugrel
Author: Doujas
When you're bisexual and view everyone around you as prey
Author: Turn
Well damn, I had forgotten how chilling Jaws theme was.
Author: Meztijas
Coming back to theaters this summer (2015)!!!
Author: Zolozragore
2 minutes left of the exam and u havnt even finished it
Author: Gataxe
When your running from a psychotic clown
Author: Voshura
The original and best killer shark movie.
Author: Yozahn
This theme is playing in my head anytime I look for spiders.
Author: Samujinn
When you see a tarantula in your room, at night, and you have sleep paralysis.
Author: Arashihn
This is proof that music can genuinely scare people. I personally get creeped out by the X-Files theme.
Author: Akimi
Run bitch ruuuuuun (? xD
Author: Duzahn
Two words: John Williams.
Author: Akirisar
I love how this is the most popular theme in the movie yet it's literally the freakin' OPENING THEME to the movie! xD (This isn't my favorite soundtrack to the movie either)
Author: Mull
Pure genius!
Author: JoJoktilar
Author: Dikasa
remember don't go in the water
Author: Gukora
Quaint was a maniac! He wrecked his boat just by trying to catch the shark! He got eaten in the end. It just goes to show you that you can't risk your life or others for something that is dangerous!
Author: Kazrall
Mind you, it probably would be scarier if you saw a werewolf play the Jaws theme.
Author: Nitilar
1:05 - 1:30 was always my fav
Author: Faut
Author: Mazugami
it that movie that makes your hair stand on end
Author: Mozahn
Author: Mobei
Author: Ditaxe
When your mother comes up stairs and you know your did something wrong
Author: Dobei
Author: Zulurisar
My notification literally popped up before it began. (It was Knuckles saying "Oh no!")
Author: Yomuro
smile you son of a television...
Author: Dirr
Im sure jaws just wanted some friends. To bad he didn't know how to kiss properly.
Author: Tonris
They need to release jaws on blu-ray or in 3-D like they did with Jurassic park!
Author: Kagatilar
SPONGEBOB! QUICK! REEL IT IN BOY! CAN'T YOU HEAR THE MUSIC? It's a 4/4 Four string Ostinato in D minor, Every sailor knows it means death.
Author: Faular
I feel something is coming...
Author: Malagal
you did jaws
Author: Nami
When even the description of the video starts with when.
Author: Arashimi
Author: Karan
When your friend comes over and eats the last waffles and then takes a shower....... SHOWER HUGZ.......
Author: Tull
When you are deep in the water and hear the shark attack alarm.
Author: Dabei
I like to blast this at the beach.
Author: Arajinn
Why is that weird?
Author: Malale
It feels like something big is approaching u
Author: Samular
4. Music starts playing
Author: Darr
poor white sharks...in real they would never do that...
Author: Kazimuro
There is a creature alive today who has survived millions of years of evolution, without change - without passion and without logic. It lives to kill, a mindless eating machine, it will attack and devour anything. It is as if God created the Devil and gave him JAWS.
Author: Akim
"Here's to swimmin with bow legged women."
Author: JoJorg
My anxiety levels are going YEET
Author: Zulujinn
If i heard this music, I run. Just keep running.
Author: Mom
"There is a creature alive today, that has survived millions of years of evolution. Without passion, without logic, it leaves to kill. It is a mindless, eating machine."
Author: Yorn
its that music that makes u never wanna go in the water ever again
Author: Goltisho
Author: Gugar
When your mom starts walking upstairs with the belt..
Author: Meztikinos
When you hear that song, you know that the shark is coming:P😱😱
Author: Malakora
I don't get it !! please tell me what it's mean??..
Author: Meztilkree
When its about to be monday
Author: Daikree
Author: Mezinris
Though the movie is awesome, it generated a world-wide fear of sharks that contributed to their overfishing and persecution. Shark numbers are down severely, all over the globe. Sad.
Author: Goltilabar
This theme is played whenever I stalk girls.
Author: Kalkree
Spielberg's first reaction to the jaws theme was, John, you're joking right?
Author: Zulutilar
I played this when my friend was playing five nights at Freddy's and he got all freaked out thinking the robots where gonna get him the look on his face was priceless xD
Author: Vomuro
while on the boat
Author: Tagrel
No one forget DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DA *chomp* >:)
Author: Doll
When you got a f on your test and your mom see's the grade
Author: Mashura
it's not just a shark theme it's also a stalker theme
Author: Yozshuzahn
I find this very useful to put on to let everyone in the house know it's that special time of the month.
Author: Kikora
I'm hearing lots of allusions to Igor Stravinsky's Rite of Spring.
Author: Dair
Kinda racist when you think about it.
Author: Nikogor
The music is such an amazing score! Knowing when you hear that, you know it's "Jaws!" Thank You, John Williams!
Author: Shagul
Then my maths teacher is coming to collect your workbooks with homework
Author: Zulkishicage
Duh. Havent you ever heard of a landshark?
Author: Zulkijar
When you hear a guy creeping on you in pubg
Author: Nikokinos
2. Look at your phone
Author: Tam
Sunny: Jeff!
Author: Fausida
When dad take off his belt,
Author: Akibar
I am Japanese. I think this movie is great. I think this music is the best for this movie.
Author: Molkis
(Everyone Screams)
Author: Kazicage
That's a 4/4 string ostinato in D minor! Every sailor knows that means death!
Author: Danris
@captain soap we all need a bigger boat
Author: Malrajas
When your crush says their parents aren't home.
Author: Mauzshura
28 people need a bigger boat XD.
Author: Dugul
John Williams is an old guy; he wrote this.
Author: Moran
Author: Gardacage
The Rites of Spring must have been playing in the background when he wrote this
Author: Kizahn
"We're gonna need a bigger boat"
Author: Mezijora
Deep Blue Sea had Makos
Author: Kigazuru
"We're gonna need a bigger boat."
Author: Tugor
when your parents start scrolling through your entire phone after you showed them one meme
Author: Votilar
This is my Girlfriend's ringtone when she calls me
Author: Zulkirn
Imagine being in the London underground on your own and you hear that coming from the tunnel instead of a werewolf.
Author: Arazilkree
When your teacher comes to you to see if you did the homework
Author: Yorg
Meanwhile somewhere inside the Cenozoic Ocean.......
Author: Bashura
This song plays whenever those jehova's witness people approach my door
Author: Samusida
Exam is 1-50,30 Secs left your still at number 37
Author: Sara
this is my mother in law's ringtone on my cell phone
Author: Maunris
When your mother in law arrives.
Author: Moogushura
1. Slept in for work
Author: Najora
John Williams is a genius.
Author: Miran
Guess that means they did their jobs well!
Author: Nidal
Every sailor knows this means death.
Author: Visida
This is the ringtone for the debt collector.
Author: Grolabar
they should play this in every public pool area see who's brave enough to take a dip then :p
Author: Kir
When Sonic The Hedgehog sneaks up on a chili dog
Author: Mijinn
go deep in the ocean at night and listen to this on a waterproof ipod at full volume
Author: Misida
When you are 1v5 in competitive in CS:GO and your team is calling ya Clutch or Kick xd
Author: Faenris
when you're doing a big project 10 minutes before it's due
Author: Nikus
Jaws is the greatest shark movie ever made
Author: Malat
'' That's a twenty footer! '' '' Twenty five, got three tons on him ''.
Author: Vulabar
I'm listening this and waiting to see the new president of USA #Election2016
Author: Milrajas
LOL YES, that could be Caine, or Dalas in the tunnel.
Author: Akinokree
classic movie
Author: Goltizilkree
Scaring everyone since 1975!
Author: Gozil
Indiana jones, Star Wars, Jaws...I mean wow.
Author: Mikazilkree
Author: Dogami
Ich bin Japaner. Ich finde diesen Film großartig. Ich denke, diese Musik ist das Beste für diesen Film.
Author: Groktilar
So this is the ultimate ex wife theme or something ? lol
Author: Kemuro
I so got a StarWars vibe there.
Author: Yozshur
Im gonna need a bigger television...
Author: Tejar
Gi-ggi-ty. Gig-gity. GigaDEEE.
Author: Akinoshakar
without a doubt one of my favorite movies
Author: Kajirisar
When you go to swim after watching Jaws
Author: Nikom
''hoopah drives the boat, Chief."
Author: Kaziran
3. 5 missed calls from your boss
Author: Zulugar
I would freak out if some one played this
Author: Megul
And he sees you
Author: Mezizil
I want to go to a beach and play this song as loudly has I can to see what people do.
Author: Zolokus
I dare you to keep your feet on the floor while listening to this.
Author: Kigarn
deep blue sea was good and Makos, 2 headed shark attack and shark night they were all good movies
Author: Mezigor
Author: Zulkikus
Author: Dut
LOL good one.
Author: Mazurg
He wasn't old when he wrote it in 1974.
Author: Doujind
Author: Malmaran
When you're in TF2 as Spy and a enemy Pyro approaches
Author: Malasar
every time I go into water I hear this in my head. Creepy
Author: Kagamuro
240 people didnt had enough ammo on the M1 Garand.
Author: Faumi
I friggin love this movie, but I can't help feeling that no one cares anymore. I mean, everyone seems to only pay attention to the new movies. Even though this movie is awesome, it seems its been forgotten. For example, about a year ago, they took the jaws ride out of universal studios and replaced it with a stupid train that takes you through a short-cut to get to the f*ckin Harry potter ride! No one respects the classics anymore. It's sad when you think about it... );
Author: Nikomi
this music plays when slenderman is behind me xD
Author: Tojasho
imagine playing this on your boat on the ocean with people swimming nearby
Author: Tocage
When my teacher is coming to check my homeworks but I forgot them
Author: Maukora
Author: Shakabar
when your teacher is coming to collect your homework and you forgot to do it.
Author: Ditaxe
Legendary masterpiece
Author: Vudolkree
24 People needed a bigger boat

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