Supervillain Origins: Doctor Dooms (Redux)

24.07.2019   |   by Torisar

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Comments "Supervillain Origins: Doctor Dooms (Redux)":

Author: Shakinos
is the MCU #Doom4Phase4
Author: Mauk
Shoutout to MF DOOM
Author: Shatilar
Remember All Caps when you spell the man's name...
Author: Dakus
Dr. Doom is an awesome villain in the Marvel Universe although the Live-action Fantastic Four movies portrayed him poorly.
Author: Kataxe
His arrogance is incredible!
Author: Meztitaur
"Who here stands before God!"
Author: Fegar
Author: Tygobei
If Latveria were a real country, I'd be gaining citizenship right now
Author: Yozshuzahn
"I was a god once, it was beneath me." - Doctor Doom.
Author: Feramar
DOOM has a fandom? A fan-DOOM?!
Author: JoJonris
I've come to realize that Dr doom is probably my favorite character in the marvel universe
Author: Akinotaur
"the only thing left for doctor doom"
Author: Kigajin
It's a shame that Fox has the rights to him. He could easily be the best MCU villain and character.
Author: Mushura
Dr Doom is the greatest Marvel villain ever ! Plus he has diplomatic immunity .
Author: Samutaxe
reprogrammed the ultron to serve him,
Author: Yozshunos
Doom is not a villain,it's not against the law to want to rule the world!
Author: Tasida
The best thing about Doom: as the ruler of the country of Latveria, he has diplomatic immunity. Nobody can touch him unless they wish to start World War III.
Author: Malarg
Author: Kagalmaran
has seen every possible timeline in marvel universe,
Author: Faera
Come on, Watchmojo.
Author: Nikonos
his tech is unhackable,
Author: Kazijas
Best Villian in my opinion!
Author: Kilar
How DOOM hold heat and preach non-violence??
Author: Shaktilkree
Seriously, just make a DOCTOR DOOM movie.
Author: Maukazahn
and has right to rule the Earth.
Author: Meztilkis
can not get corrupted by infinity gantlet,
Author: Moogujar
has diplomatic immunity,
Author: Tutaur
They need to make a Dr. Doom movie and forget about making fantastic four movies
Author: Vilar
magic user on dr strange level,
Author: Kaganos
absorbed the powers of silver surfer and even galactus,
Author: Akikasa
Author: Vudokinos
can't get hit by thor's hammer,
Author: Kajilmaran
Doom has sorcerer skills on a par with Dr. Strange.
Author: Nikokree
killed thanos,
Author: Taut
Author: Kazile
Also, his magic prowess is powerful enough to be considered for the position of Sorcerer Supreme when Steven Strange relinquished the title.
Author: Zuzragore
dr doom is by far the most dangerous marvel villain. reasons:

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